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By Richard Greene | Published Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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Sometime in my early 20s, I made the astute observation that the central characters in many romantic comedies are journalists. Even in what is considered the best of the genre, “It Happened One Night,” the hero who ended up with the girl was a reporter searching for a big scoop.

A colleague once pointed out it’s probably because the screenwriters are picturing themselves in the roles. I can only wish to be half as cool as Clark Gable in chasing down a story, but I do have a pretty good 1920s reporter impression.

Richard Greene

Richard Greene

In choosing to make a living as a scribe, I figured I would inherit this innate romantic nature. But that couldn’t be further from reality. This reporter can’t find a lead to figuring out cupid’s secrets.

I’ve come to realize how much of a hopeless romantic I am. Luckily, I have a wife that accepts it. And it wasn’t like she didn’t have warning signs.

She did choose to marry the guy who didn’t really propose and instead one spring day said, “Let’s go buy a ring.”

Then for our wedding, I wore cargo shorts and boat shoes. It’s not exactly what every bride envisions. But hey, it was in Las Vegas.

It’s this week – Valentine’s Day – that truly stresses out the hopeless in the romance department. What to do for a present – chocolate, flowers or jewelry? What should we do for dinner?

Actually, any holiday with presents for anyone stresses me out. My biggest worry is will they like this? Is it enough?

Even when I do plan something, I usually goof up with an online order, and my wife will get the confirmation email, ruining the surprise.

And to tell the truth, Valentine’s Day usually sneaks up on me. For some reason, Feb. 14 is hard to find on a calendar.

It has again this year, and I’ll make a panic run to the drug store or grocery store to buy a card before heading home. I know my wife bought a card several weeks ago.

As far as a present, I must confess it’s to be determined. Again, I’m glad my wife is unconventional. What she really wants right now are power tools for crafting or just a gift card … which a gift card for coffee sounds good to me.

I doubt I’m the only, truly hopeless romantic. I’m sure I’ll have company with my last-minute shopping. Just someone leave me at least one good card and a box of chocolates.

And Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

Richard Greene is editor of the Messenger and least likely in the office to be cast as cupid.

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