Headline prediction time, 2018 edition

By Brian Knox | Published Saturday, January 6, 2018

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Now that we’ve said a fond farewell to 2017, we can turn our full attention forward to a new year.

On occasion in the past, we’ve come up with headlines we’d like to see for the coming year.

Here’s a sampling of the headlines I’d like to see in 2018, along with my comments:

Brian Knox

Brian Knox

HEADLINE: K-9 Rayco found safe and sound

Comment: I know the chances are slim, but I’d sure like to see a happy ending to this story of the sheriff’s office K-9 officer who went missing in a storm back in October. I’d like to think that Rayco’s just been out frolicking in the countryside all this time and has decided it’s time to get back to work.

HEADLINE: Above-normal rainfall brings an end to drought

Comment: While I’d like to see this headline, I fear a more likely headline will be “Drought conditions continue to worsen.” Hopefully we get a good, sustained rain over a longer period of time and not a deluge that leads to flooding events like a few years ago.

HEADLINE: Chick-fil-A announces Wise County location

Comment: This has to be one of the most frequent comments on our social media platforms. People in Wise County really want a Chick-fil-A. We’d love to report this nugget of information, and I’m not too chicken to say I’d welcome it as well.

HEADLINE: President Trump releases his tax returns

Comment: Sure, I’d have really liked to see this headline in 2015, and again in 2016, and again in 2017, but maybe 2018 is the year the longest audit in the history of the IRS finally comes to an end so that the American public can see how economic policies approved by the executive branch will benefit the president personally. With all the negative publicity surrounding the publication of a new “tell-all” book about the Trump White House, wouldn’t this be the perfect time to get some positive press?

HEADLINE: Researchers say a glass of Dr Pepper a day is good for your health

Comment: A life long Dr Pepper lover can dream, can’t he?

HEADLINE: Texas A&M-Commerce football repeats as Division II national champions

Comment: OK, this is really just a way to brag about my alma mater’s football team’s 37-27 victory over West Florida last month to clinch the school’s first Division II national championship with a quarterback, Luis Perez, who didn’t play a down of high school football and went from a ninth-string quarterback at a junior college as a freshman to winning the Harlon Hill Trophy, Division II’s version of the Heisman trophy, as a senior last season. Go Lions!


Just for fun, I looked back six years ago to read some of our “predicted” headlines and see how many actually came true.

Here’s a sample of predicted 2012 headlines:

HEADLINE: Weatherford College Wise County opens with record enrollment

How’d we do?: That September we reported that the opening of the new Wise County campus saw a 22 percent increase in enrollment compared to previous fall semester. Nailed it.

HEADLINE: U.S. 380 widening project completed

How’d we do?: After eight years of work, the widening project was indeed completed in 2012. Winning.

HEADLINE: State bans texting while driving

How’d we do?: Did we say 2012? We really meant 2017. The state ban on texting went into effect last year. Partial credit.

HEADLINE: Rodeo becomes an Olympic sport

How’d we do?: Nope

HEADLINE: State solves school finance crisis

How’d we do?: *sigh*

Be sure to read the Wise County Messenger this year to see if any of my predicted headlines come true.

Brian Knox is the special projects manager for the Messenger and part-time fortune teller.

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