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By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, April 21, 2018

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Cyclone sweeps Boyd Country

Several People Killed and Loss of Property Runs Thousands of Dollars – Many Homeless

Two lives were claimed in the tornado which struck Boyd Sunday afternoon, demolishing the entire west half of the town and causing a property loss estimated at $75,000. More than 250 were made homeless.

Lottie Reed, 15-year-old daughter of Bob Reed, farmer, was instantly killed when a flying piece of timber crashed through the door of the storm cellar at John Pedigo’s home, three miles north of Boyd. The Pedigo home was struck and crashed onto the cellar roof, killing the 2-year-old baby boy of Dick Barnett, a neighbor, whose family had taken refuge there.


  • Citizens were urged to eat potatoes. “If we are going to win this war we must fight Germany, man for man, shell for shell, potato for potato; and no nation is so careful of its potatoes today as is Germany, the arch-enemy.”
  • When he learned that his old neighbors in Boyd were in need, George Arrington of Decatur immediately opened his pocketbook and contributed $1,000 to the storm sufferers’ fund.
  • A hairpin and a bottle opener were found in a wrecked car on the highway leading to Lake Worth. The windshield was driven through the car top and a slug of the concrete bridge basing was wedged between the front axle and bed. The survivors stated they were running very slow when the lights went dim. A hairpin, a bottle opener and puddles of human blood belied the statement.
  • The Alvord News urged Decatur to meet their own quotas for liberty bonds before prodding its neighbors for contributions.
  • Decatur was reported to be the only town in Texas where the men had taken no active interest in the Red Cross, allowing the women to do it all.
  • The following was announced: “Our friend, John Stewart, announces that the recent splendid rains have put his farming lands in good shape, and, naturally, John himself is felling chesty. Prospects are very good all along the line, but they would be better, states John, if we wasn’t so blooming lonesome – all by himself. Understand, girls?”
  • J. Warren Lillard and Sam McMillan were in San Antonio investigating the mysterious disappearance of soldier Rufus McMillan. It was feared that Rufus had met with foul play.

    L.C. Slimp Jr. eats Two-Month Old Cake in North Africa

    It took a pair of cakes sent by his father and an old friend two months to catch up with L.C. Slimp, and after several thousand miles the cake was not only good, “The icing wasn’t even broken.”


    • O.T. Clark riotously entertained the Decatur Lions Club with a 30-minute session of clear-cut American mirth.
    • Samuel J. Rieger, 33, of Decatur, adjutant of the 1044th Basic Flying Training Squadron was promoted from second to first lieutenant.
    • A 1935 Ford truck with seven good tires was priced to sell by E.R. Harms of Paradise.
    • The Office of Price Administration ordered every proprietor of an eating or drinking establishment to file a true copy of each menu in use between April 4 and April 19.


    • The Old Stone Prison in Decatur was named a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.
    • Sidney Morgan of Boyd, who served 23 years in the Navy and was a member of the reserves, was called to active duty to be deployed to Vietnam. His wife and six children would continue to live in Boyd.
    • “P.J.” with George Peppard, “Tony Rome” with Frank Sinatra and “King Kong vs. Godzilla” were playing at the Sunset Drive-In Theatre.
    • Irene Blacker posted a notice that she would not be responsible for debts contracted by anyone but herself.
    • Margarine cost 10 cents for a 1-pound package at the A&P.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Glen McCrary of Rhome announced the engagement of their daughter, Beverly, to Max Al Lindsey Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Al Lindsey Sr. of Rhome.


    • The Bridgeport Airport Board confronted the city council about why the council increased the cost of fuel without first informing the board.
    • Boyd City Council was having trouble convincing any of its citizens to sell them an acre of land for a new water well.
    • Bridgeport police were investigating the theft of a table soccer game valued at $50.
    • Decatur’s Dale Robertson and Bridgeport’s Tracy Eubanks both advanced to regional track meets, as did Alvord’s Jennifer Talley (100-meter dash).
    • Chad Easley of Chico 4-H thanked H. Paul Davis and Jo-L Farms for purchasing his market hog at the Youth Fair.

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