Wise as it was: In the paper for Saturday, March 17, 2018

By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, March 17, 2018

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From Friday, March 15, 1918

Representative Spencer says W.C.T.U. did work

Prohibition has finally triumphed! We stand at the dawn of a new era in Texas. Old things are passing away and we shall build a new temple for the future of Texas! In the places of breweries and grogshops the spirals of churches will appear; instead of faces pinched by poverty and paupery caused from the evils of whiskey, stalwart men shall walk upright to defend the home, church and state.”


  • The fire station caught fire.
  • The local Red Cross chapter held a chewing gum sale. Everyone was urged to patronize the ladies and lay up a supply of “chewing” for the next year.
  • The person who took the overcoat from the buggy on the north side of the square Saturday night was asked to return it to the Messenger office. No questions asked.
  • The new Saturday serial “Vengeance and the Woman,” would start showing at the Magestic March 30.
  • Dogs were running loose at night in Decatur, causing mayhem and upsetting the citizens.
  • It was announced that it was now a penitentiary offense for bold, bad women to lead astray the little innocents in khaki uniforms!
  • A farm was for sale – 87 acres, 6 miles southwest of Decatur; good peanut land; nice 3-room house; good orchard, 1 mile from good school; $20 per acre.


From Thursday, March 18, 1943

Pfc. Shults Writes Home from Africa

Dear Mother and Daddy:

It doesn’t seem possible that I am so far from home. It seems more like a dream. …

Very few of the people speak English, but … they all know one English word and that is ‘Yankee.’ Every time they see an American they say, ‘Hello Mr. Yankee’ and try to sell you something. …

The shoe shine boys bother you more than any one. They will shine your shoes while you are walking. The only way to make them quit is to top them with a whip that everyone buys when they first hit town. You have to be stern with them or they will spit on you. …

If you should be lucky enough to make a date with a girl in Greece you have to take the whole family with you. The Greek girls are very beautiful, but not beautiful enough to take the whole family along. …

So chin up, and before you know it I will be walking in the front door.”

Also …

  • It was declared that babies cried for it. They cried for you to give your scrap metal to the Army and keep them safe.
  • Conoco Nth Motor Oil was advertised to prevent the Axis from terrorizing your car engine with acid caused from lack of use.
  • The public was informed that each replacement of a lost Social Security card cost 13 bullets for fighting men.


From Thursday, March 21, 1968

  • The following movies were showing at the Sunset Drive-In Theatre: “Finders Keepers,” “Counterpoint” with Charlton Heston and Maximilian Schell and “The Ballad of Josie” with Doris Day.
  • The Youth Fair 4-H and FHA queen nominees were: Judy Kay Goodger, FHA, Boyd High School; Teresa Parrish, FHA, Bridgeport High School; Charlotte Gettys, FHA, Decatur High School; Doris Endres, FHA, Alvord High School; Sue Gann, FHA, Chico High School; Pamela Ann Smith, 4-H, Alvord Public School; Mary Von Heuvel, FHA, Paradise High School; Jenny Lou Jennings, FHA, Northwest High School; Judy Dianne Sitz, 4-H, Slidell High School; and Katie Calhoun, 4-H, Slidell Public School.
  • On Fridays and Saturdays, Y Cafe had a special – 1/2 fried chicken, french fries, salad and hot rolls for 99 .
  • Bacon cost 49 per pound at the A&P.
  • Army Sp-4 Jim Brown was reported recovering from injuries received when a rocket exploded beside his bunk in Vietnam.


From Thursday, Feb. 18, 1993

  • Bridgeport Police Chief Charles Johnson was fired by a unanimous vote of the city council.
  • Northwest School Board voted to oppose any state-mandated sex education programs.
  • Junior Kristen Talley was named to Alvord High School’s All A’s Honor Roll. The other juniors were Ben Bridgeman, Brad Cannon, Bryan Nivens, Rita Rodriguez and Kaysi Simmons. Jennifer Talley made Alvord’s All A’s Honor Roll as a freshman.
  • Boyd Raceway began its first official season as a track for the NASCAR Winston Racing Series.
  • “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray and “Homeward Bound” were showing at Plaza Cinema III in Decatur.

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