Wise As It Was: In the Paper

By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, June 16, 2018

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From June 17, 1893

Greatest Discovery of the Age

Catarrhal Deafness Cured.

No more Use for Ear-trumpets.

Triumph at Last.

An infallible remedy for the cure of catarrh and deafness in all its stages …

No catarrh or slimy green and yellow sticky matter discharging from the nose. No deafness. No ringing, or crackling sound in the head. No mucus matter lodging in the throat. No occasional hacking cough with throwing up slimy green and yellow sticky matter. It is a blessing that words cannot describe.

For futher information, write for circulars. Address, Frank Wortz & Co., Wausau, Wis., Drawer 1629.”


  • Weeping Joe Hardin, a charismatic preacher who had been in prison in Texas for “borrowing a horse,” was at large in the mountains of Kentucky.
  • Alvordites took to Decatur on the rst Monday to see the sights and swap horses.
  • The new Chico depot was nearly completed and was an elegant building.
  • J. Peshaway plead guilty to a charge of horse theft, John Hendrickson was found guilty of robbery and theft and Jas. Downe got five years for being too muchly married.
  • 31,475,519 barrels of domestic beer were consumed in the United Sates the previous year – about half a barrel for each inhabitant if it had been equally divided and all had “drank fair.
  • 100 YEARS AGO…

    From June 14, 1918

  • Ajax tires were guaranteed in writing for 5,000 miles.
  • It was stated that if your wife were to show the least tendency to vote wrong, it would be your patriotic duty as the head of the house and chief high boss of the ranch to put her right.
  • Decatur Light and Power Co. advertised sewing machine motors as essential for any home. They required less than a 1/2 cent worth of current per hour, took all the work out of sewing, could be used as a fan, sharpened knives and polished silverware.
  • Frank Bailee, better known as “Fruit,” was said to be Somewhere in France. Fruit beat his brother Phillip to the front even though he enlisted several months later.
  • Barbeque was available every Saturday beginning June 15. People were directed to send their bucket to Hardwick and Maiden.
  • 75 YEARS AGO…

    From June 17, 1943

    War on mosquitos

    During the past few years the City has waged war on mosquitos. … During the mosquito season, one man devotes full time to this work.

    While it is the desire of your City Officials to completely eradicate all mosquitos, any person of sound judgment knows such a condition is impossible, without the hearty co-operation of all of our citizens.

    To accomplish the best results in this work, every possible mosquito breeding place must be eleminated [sic] or sprayed. As little as a teaspoon full of water, in a shady place, will breed hundreds of mosquitos. …

    Our Mosquito Man this year is Sherrill Brooks, a dependable colored man whom most of you know and respect. In the course of his work, it will be necessary for Sherill to thoroughly inspect your premises. Please co-operate with him in every way possible. …

    Let’s keep our town free of this annoying pest.

    Yours truly, C.P. Dodson, Mayor”


    • Professor Bradley, psychologist adviser was available for consultation on domestic, marriage and business affairs for a short time only at the Cottage Hotel, room 5.
    • Little Loretta Burks suffered a painful eye injury when her brother, who was pitching rocks for her to catch, missed her hand and struck her eye. There was no permanent damage.
    • Mrs. T.P. Foster was collecting Kodak pictures of servicemen of her acquaintance. She had 47 pictures, and preferred pictures made in uniform, but would accept others.
    • HOLLYVOGUE ties were available for Father’s Day for $1 at Perkins-Timberlake Co.

    50 YEARS AGO…

    From June 13, 1968

    • The second annual Wise County Dairy Festival began June 15 with a queen’s contest.
    • A 2-pound loaf of Velveeta cost 88 cents.
    • Sam Lynch was named drum major for the Decatur High School band.
    • A rash of flower and shrub thefts from local cemeteries was angering citizens.
    • Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Fitzgerald Jr. announced the birth of a son, Monty Ray Fitzgerald on June 7.

    25 YEARS AGO…

    From June 17, 1993

    • The Runaway Bay Chamber of Commerce was able to raise enough funds for the annual fireworks show.
    • The Decatur City Council passed a resolution supporting the Texas Main Street Program.
    • The Wise County Dairy Festival ice cream contest was to be held June 25.
    • Boyd councilman Ted Gales resigned for “professional personal reasons.”
    • In one night, red and blue spray paint was used to vandalize a three-block area in all directions around the Decatur Square.

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