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By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, May 19, 2018

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From Friday, May 17, 1918:

“That British subject who was living quietly in the enjoyment of peace and plenty who told Frank Ford to go to hell when the attorney approached him to purchase a Liberty Bond, has been ordered to appear at British headquarters in Dallas and make preparations to go to France. Somebody told Johnnie Bull that he had a perfectly good subject in the Wonderful Country, evidently.”


  • Gov. Hobby proclaimed May 12 as “go to Sunday school and stay for preaching” day state-wide.
  • An announcement “To All Who Eat” urged readers to try onion recipes from the Food Administration – to give zest to their lives and release concentrate food for the soldiers.
  • Jack Reiger was building a nice bungalow on North Trinity Street.
    “A young man of the Alvord country, who seems to have been short on patriotism and long on talk, suffered a severe setback in that city last week when a veteran of the Spanish-American War heard some of his seditious remarks. The fellow who didn’t like the Red Cross and wanted all Sammies killed was badly bunged up when the ex-soldier finished with him.”
  • An announcement was made to the commissioners to sell the bonds to the highest bidder; accept no bid below par and expectorate in the eye of the sharper who endeavored to land a fee or a bonus.
  • It was stated that it was of little consequence what readers thought of women voting – they were goin’ to vote.


From May 20, 1943

Mrs. Fred Thomason Wins 1st Prize in Victory Garden Contest

Over 200 Gardens Are Judged in Contest in Two Months

Mrs. Fred Thomason won first place and cash prize of $7 … in a Decatur city limits vegetable garden contests. Mrs. Dave Breedlove won second position and $5, and Mrs. Jim Bruton, third and $3, in course of judging and appraisal made last Thursday.

Judges of the Decatur Garden Club spent many hours and traveled miles through Decatur streets and alleys to review approximately 200 Victory Gardens that have been planted and are now thriving in Decatur. They saw hosts of plats uniformly planted and cleanly cultivated … attesting to the wholesome response Decatur people have made to the appeal to produce more and more of their food supplies at home.


  • W.B. Woodruff and Johnnie Carson received life ranks in the Boy Scouts.
  • The Chamber of Commerce warned Decaturites that tree doctors who offered cure-all injections were quacks, and the procedure was tree brutality.
  • Fort Worth and Denver City Railway Co. advertised for 10 laborers for railroad track work in Decatur. The job paid 46 cents per hour, with 9-10 hour days, 6 days a week.
  • Asbestos mats were suggested to protect gas ranges.
  • The Paradise Junior Class held a banquet for the Senior Class entitled “This is Paradise.” The entire gymnasium was decorated to represent heaven. The Messenger reported that “everything was just as you would expect heaven to be.”


from May 16, 1968

  • Historical Society planned “Emphasis Day” for June 22.
  • May 24 was designated Poppy Day.
  • May 19 was designated Senior Recognition Day.
  • Decatur City Council determined that the stray dog problem was not improving, despite the capture and destruction of an average of 40 dogs per month.
  • Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Haynes announced the engagement of their daughter, Marion Elaine, to John Alvin Winder Jr. The prospective groom was a sophomore at Baylor Dental School.
  • Mrs. Doodle Dickey was honored for Mother’s Day by all of her children.
  • “Valley of the Dolls” and “El Dorado” were playing at the Sunset Drive-In.
  • A 1968 Camaro with pushbutton radio console and wheel covers was advertised at $150 down and $69.63 per month for 42 months.
  • Mr. Peppermint was scheduled to appear at the Young Citizens Shop on May 18.
  • Soil Stewardship Week would begin May 19.


From May 20, 1993

  • The KKK was having problems securing a Wise County rally site.
  • Bridgeport annexed 64.41 acres of land for the new high school.
  • Slidell senior Rhonda Wilson won the state championship in shot put.
  • Bridgeport freshman Tracy Eubanks won state in the high jump.
  • Jennifer Beyer and Eugenia Brister were named Boyd High School’s valedictorian and salutatorian.
  • Keeter Cemetery was to receive a historical marker during a ceremony the following Saturday.
  • Wednesday’s lunch menu in Alvord consisted of chicken rings with gravy, English peas, potatoes, fruit, rolls and milk.
  • “Dave” with Kevin Kline, “Cop and a Half” with Burt Reynolds and “The Sandlot” were playing at Plaza Cinema III.

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