Trash cart delivery begins Monday

By Brian Knox | Published Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Special Delivery

SPECIAL DELIVERY – Trash carts like the ones pictured here will be delivered to Decatur residents beginning next week. Submitted photo

Beginning Monday, Decatur residents should start seeing green.

Green trash carts, that is.

Waste Connections, which provides trash collection service for the city, will begin delivering poly trash carts to homes on June 25. The 95-gallon carts will be the same size as the blue carts used by city residents for recycling.

The company said in a letter to residents that this will not affect trash collection days, and customers should begin using the cart for garbage collection on your regular trash day.

There is no cost for the cart.

The new carts will allow garbage trucks equipped with a robotic arm to pick up the cart and dump it into the truck. Because of this change, Waste Connections offered the following instructions to insure the best service:

  • Place all waste inside the trash roll-out cart. Bag all trash to prevent windblown litter.
  • If you want an extra roll-out cart (at a nominal increase in monthly refuse fees), call city hall.
  • Place all carts out by 7 a.m. on your collection day each week, at least one foot away from each other or any other object or obstacle such as a light pole or gas meter.
  • Place all carts within three feet of the curb with the wheels facing the residence and in an area where the truck can pull up to the curb without obstructions such as parked cars.
  • Place all carts at least three feet away from any nearby mailbox post and no closer to the street than the mailbox post so as not to prevent mail service by a mail carrier driving a vehicle.
  • Do not place the following items or materials in the roll-out carts: rock, dirt, cement, tires, batteries or containers of wet paint or other liquids.

At the city council meeting in April when the carts were approved, Waste Connections representative Norm Bulaich said the use of the carts should create a cleaner look in the city.

“This will just clean up the city – not that it’s bad, but just take care of excess bags and (scavenging) animals and this and that. It’s just a clean operation, and I think the city will benefit from it,” he said.

Trash will still be picked up twice a week in the city.

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