This little piggy; New pet hams it up on the internet

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, January 6, 2018

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Playful Pair 2

Missy and Gucci have livened the Rasbury’s home since they were adopted. Missy has also turned into a viral sensation. Submitted photo

Kristin Rasbury had an unusual Christmas wish – a pet mini pig.

To her surprise, her parents filled the request, adding a second pig to the family. The Rasburys soon learned the newest addition to the family – Missy – is quite the ham.

A video shot of Missy prancing around as Kristin laughed was shared on Instagram by oinkoinkminipigs.

PLAYFUL PAIR – Pet pigs Gucci and Missy cuddle with Kristin Rasbury. Submitted photo

“She kept going and going,” Kristin said.

The magazine Unilad picked up the post of 3-pound Missy and shared it. It’s now been viewed nearly 8 million times.

“The only reason, I posted it was [Kristin] said it’d be OK,” said Kristin’s mother, Jennifer. “In this era, if it’s cute, people share it. I knew it would get attention. But it’s not something we get into.”

Missy joined the family’s other lovable pet mini pig Gucci, who arrived in July.

Jennifer said she’s wanted a mini pig for years and researched them extensively, while waiting for an opportunity to adopt one.

As they were building a new home north of Boyd, she made the addition to the family.

“My youngest son is allergic to everything, including dogs and cats. Having a dog is not an option,” Jennifer said. “I researched pigs. They are hypoallergenic. I knew it would be a better option.”

She previously had no experience with pigs.

“The only experience of people that I knew was with show animals,” Jennifer said. “I purchased a book that the breeder recommended and read every article that I could. The behavior – nothing has been a surprise to me. What has been a surprise is how fun they are and how unique they are.”

Missy and Gucci are registered American mini pigs and come from the same breeder – Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs! in Hollywood, Fla. They are half siblings.

The pigs will grow to 12 to 16 inches tall.

Currently, Gucci is about 10 pounds – 7 pounds bigger than his new sister. The breed can range in weight from 45 pounds to 200 pounds.

“They have to be kept on a diet,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer gave Gucci a salad for lunch Thursday.

Feeding Time

FEEDING TIME – The Rasbury family’s mini pig Gucci eats his salad for a lunch as Missy wanders over to the feeding bowl. Submitted photo

“You can use lettuce to make them full, because they would keep eating,” Jennifer said. “They love cucumbers and fruit. Pretty much anything. Gucci went crazy over cantaloupe this summer.”

She feeds the two twice per day.

“They get 2 percent of their body weight in feed – split between two meals,” Jennifer said. “It’s lower in protein so they don’t grow rapidly. Gucci gets vegetables at lunch time. Missy gets Cheerios right now as treats. We’ll use those also for training. She’ll get salad when she gets more teeth.”

The two pigs are litter trained and have boxes with shavings in the Rasbury’s laundry room. Jennifer pointed out there’s no odor from the pigs, which surprises visitors.

“Even my husband, who’s not an inside pet person, he’ll even vouch for them. He’s grown quite fond of them,” Jennifer said.

She did learn quickly that the pigs require consistent attention.

“Pigs need constant enrichment because they are very intelligent,” Jennifer said. “Mini pigs can be quite sassy and demanding.”

She added that Gucci became spoiled and needed a companion, which led to the decision to grant Kristin’s Christmas wish.

Kristin, who admitted she cried a bit when discovering Missy, has been the perfect present.

“She’s so sweet,” she said.

The two pigs have contrasting personalities with Missy being the cuddler and Gucci being indifferent.

“It’s been fun to see their different personalities,” Jennifer said.

The family already can’t imagine their lives without their versions of man’s best friend.

“They are so much fun. They bring us so much joy,” Jennifer said.

And also to nearly 8 million other people.

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