Second SRO ready to serve Bridgeport

By Austin Jackson | Published Saturday, September 8, 2018
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Mike Gregory

Mike Gregory. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

Last week, for the first time in nine years, Bridgeport ISD featured two school resource officers on its campuses.

Bridgeport Police Department named Mike Gregory as its second SRO, joining Lee Snodgrass in the effort to protect and mentor Bridgeport ISDs five campuses.

Gregory, who’s been in law enforcement since 1995, will primarily work at Bridgeport middle and elementary schools. He started last week.

The new SRO is no stranger to working with youth.

After being in law enforcement for decades, he retired to focus on raising one.

“I retired about a year ago to spend time with my daughter,” Gregory said. “Her mom passed a few years ago and I wanted to spend more time with her.”

After seeing his daughter graduate and move on to college, the job opened up and a close friend and former colleague, Bridgeport Police Lieutenant Todd Lowe, gave Gregory a call.

Gregory found the right fit in Bridgeport. He said he’s excited about the opportunity to make a positive impact on young lives.

“Until you have kids, you probably don’t have a passion for children,” Gregory said. “I do. And in my years I’ve seen a lot of things working in communities on patrol and as an investigator. The youth are the primary crime issue. When school goes out, crime rates go up, assaults go up. So I think I can play a positive role for them while they’re in school. Hopefully I can impart my knowledge and wisdom to them that they’ll carry outside.”

SROs, in addition to their basic roles as law enforcement officers, also lead mentoring, drug awareness, stranger danger programs, and Eddie the Eagle, an NRA program on gun safety.

With the addition of a second SRO, Snodgrass said he’s excited to have a partner to help serve the district.

“Whenever we just had one, you struggled to do all that and maintain the calls and stuff like that,” Snodgrass said. “But with two, it’s just exceptional because we have so much more time now. So we’ll be able to hit all the campuses. Our biggest advantage will be time management.”

Bridgeport Police Chief Steve Stanford said bringing Gregory in as a second SRO is realization of what he’s been envisioning for BISD since 2009.

“When we had two, they worked really well because they split the campuses,” Stanford said. “They could be creative. And I think that’s what we’ll start seeing soon. Starting drug awareness and educational programs to impact students.”

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