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By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Three Wise County races were decided in Tuesday’s Republican primary runoff.

Candidates vying for Precinct 3 constable, Precinct 4 justice of the peace and Precinct 2 justice of the peace had to extend their campaigns for 11 weeks, leading up to the final vote.

The winners in Tuesday’s election are Charles Applewhite, Precinct 3 constable; Willie Garrett, Precinct 4 justice of the peace; and Kim Redman, Precinct 2 justice of the peace.

None of them have Democratic challengers in the November election.


Charles Applewhite

After the March primary, Charles Applewhite hit the ground again, making the rounds and knocking on doors to meet voters.

Applewhite said the extra effort pushed him to victory in the runoff Tuesday against Terry Terry for the Precinct 3 Constable spot.

“I treated it the same as the primary. I was out knocking on doors and meeting people,” Applewhite said. “I met a lot of people and told them, ‘I need you to go to the polls one more time.'”

Applewhite collected 300 votes compared to Terry’s 118.

“I appreciate everyone I met that took the time to talk with me, the voters and everyone that helped me, especially my family,” he said.

Applewhite campaigned on his experience, and he said that resonated with voters. He’s worked in the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, Bedford Police Department, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Samson Park Police Department and Wise County Sheriff’s Office.

“My experience played a big role,” Applewhite said. “I want this to be a full-time commitment. I want people to know who their constable is and not just because of a bad experience. I want them to know who I am because I’m seen and not just serving civil papers.”

With no Democratic opponent in November, Applewhite will fill the unexpired term left vacant by the resignation of Doug Parr following his criminal plea deal in August. The term runs through December 2020. Because the office is vacant, he will be sworn in Thursday to start the job. He plans to attend new constable classes as soon as possible.

“I want to take the responsibility off the sheriff’s office and the other constables that have been filling that role,” Applewhite said. “I will be working with the JP to see how they want to see papers run through the court.”

Terry, pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Boyd, was seeking his first office. He pledged his support to Applewhite.

“The right person got in there. The Lord answered my prayers and put a Christian constable in office,” Terry said. “I have full confidence in his credentials and his heart for the community.”

Terry was proud of his campaign, making the runoff without any law enforcement experience.

“I gained a lot of friendships and knowledge,” he said.


Willie Garrett

Willie Garrett said his win Tuesday in the Precinct 4 justice of the peace runoff left him feeling overwhelmed, but also relieved.

He defeated opponent Todd Bailey, 572 votes to 434, in the Republican primary. There is no Democratic candidate, so Garrett will assume the office in January.

“We’ve got several months before anything really happens so I have plenty of time to search it out and get to know more about the job,” he said. “I plan to visit the other courts and watch the proceedings.

“It’s definitely going to be different. I’ve never had an office job, ever, in my life.”

Garrett is a longtime volunteer firefighter and EMT, having worked 15 years for Wise County Emergency Medical Services.

“[The new job] will take getting used to,” he said. “I think the highest thing on my priority list is hiring a clerk since Kim Redman was elected JP in Precinct 2. I plan on getting with Judge Poynor and seeing how we’re going to work that out.”

Redman was the only full-time clerk in the Precinct 4 office.

“I just want to thank everybody for their support and thank the Manoushagians and their family for all the kind words and getting the word out to their people,” he said. “I appreciate everyone who lifted me up and kept me going.

“It was very overwhelming all the support I got in the last three or four weeks.”

Bailey said he did all he could do to win the office.

“They didn’t open up the sub-precincts, and I think that hurt me,” he said. “I got 434 votes, 200 shy of what I did the first time, and he got almost the exact same number and won the Bridgeport area. I think that was pretty key.

“In the March 6 election, I didn’t win Bridgeport and most of the voters in this round came from Bridgeport.”

Bailey said he thinks voters “squandered a great opportunity to have someone who’s there for everybody and actually knows the law.”

“(Garrett) needs to realize he’s in a glass house and people will be watching to see if he makes a difference or if we’re going to get the same ol’, same ol’,” he said. “I still think I’m the better candidate for it. My plan is open, so we’ll see what happens.

“I hope Willie does a good job. Best of luck to him.”

Bailey also thanked his family and voters for the support not only before the March 6 primary, but also in the long weeks leading to the runoff.


Kim Redman

Kim Redman was busy picking up campaign signs on Friday when she talked about her close win in the Precinct 2 justice of the peace race Tuesday. She won the Republican primary runoff by a vote of 452 to 428, or 51 percent to 49 percent over Callie Manning.

There is no Democratic challenger on the November general election ballot.

“I’m very honored to be selected,” she said. “I will work hard to make the people who voted for me proud that they did. I’m excited to get into the position and start working.”

The Alvord resident said both she and Manning worked hard during the campaign to promote their qualifications for the job, and the campaign was clean throughout.

“I said if this is where God intends for me to be, it will work out. I will take this as God’s plan,” she said. ” … Callie ran a good race. God probably has bigger plans for her.”

Redman has been a court clerk for Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Clay Poynor since February 2010. She also received the most votes among the four JP2 candidates in the March primary election as well.

Manning currently serves as Precinct 2 justice of the peace. She was appointed to the position by Wise County commissioners July 27 of last year to replace Craig Johnson, who resigned to be chief deputy at the sheriff’s office.

Manning and the Messenger traded messages Friday.

Kristen Tribe, Richard Greene and Brian Knox contributed to this report.

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