New resource: Boyd’s first SRO ready to make impact

By Austin Jackson | Published Saturday, August 25, 2018
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Guardian Angel

GUARDIAN ANGEL – Boyd ISD’s SRO Jason Morris stands with first-year teacher Gina Reynolds second grade class Tuesday morning. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

Unlike the other parents who dropped off their kids at Boyd Elementary and made their way back to the parking lot, Jason Morris got to stay.

Morris made sure his daughter found her seat in her second-grade classroom and returned to duty, starting his first day as Boyd ISD’s first school resource officer.

Morris has been an officer in the Boyd Police Department since November, and though it was his first day monitoring the halls in his new role, you couldn’t tell by the amount of hands he shook and smiles he traded.

Morris has served in the military and the police since 1996. He’s been an investigator, a detective and a patrolman among other roles before Morris found his fit working with kids at Boyd.

His mission? To connect and protect, a mindset he said made him an obvious candidate for the job.

Protect and Serve

PROTECT AND SERVE – Boyd ISD’s SRO Jason Morris monitors the carpool line Tuesday outside Boyd Elementary School. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

“For me, it always comes back to the children,” Morris said. “It’s a double-edged sword. But I’m on these kids’ side. I’m trying my best to give them the odds – to do everything I can for them to help them succeed.”

Boyd principal Anke Bracey said the school lucked out with Morris and has heard nothing but positive feedback from parents.

“I think parents are excited just to have a presence, not only to ensure the safety of our school, but to build relationships with our kids,” she said. “We want our little ones to have positive relationships with law enforcement. I think having Officer Morris here will help that.”

Morris will work on all the three Boyd ISD campuses. While he’d like to be close to his kid, Morris said he will be spending most of his time at the high school.

Ideally, Morris said Boyd ISD will have an officer at each school one day. For now, he will cycle in between campuses.

The main thing Morris will hope to combat as an SRO is conflict resolution.

“We have human beings under construction,” he said. “We’re building them. As you add windows and stairs, sometimes stuff happens or rain gets in. As a child is growing, there’s conflict. Then, you have two individuals and sometimes they bring that conflict together. It can end badly. I’m here to stop fights, bullying, and intimidation. Those are the bad things. Every school district has to worry about that, and we have to stay constantly aware of it.”

Morris said one of his strengths that he’s most excited about sharing with Boyd ISD students is revealing that there are humans underneath police uniforms.

Sharing is caring and Morris said he cares a lot.

“I’ll tell them, hey that hurts my feelings,” he said. “I’m a big police officer in a uniform, if I can show them that I’m a person and I have feelings, I think that can help them see how they treat their classmates.”

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