Making the grade: Immanuel Baptist Christian Academy scholars rack up awards

By Messenger Staff | Published Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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The 32nd Immanuel Baptist Christian Academy (IBCA) awards ceremony in May honored students for a year of excellence.

IBCA began in September 1986 and ever since has recognized students for their achievements in the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum.

Johnathan Brown received his diploma from IBCA, and Paul O’Connor and Harrison Wood, who attend Immanuel Baptist Church, received home-school diplomas during the graduation ceremony.

During the awards ceremony, the Christian school students received awards given for various academic scholastic achievements and commendable character traits.

Ethan Splawn received IBCA’s top award, the I Timothy 4:12 Award, presented to the student who shows commendable leadership in conduct, service and Christian character.

Ethan Burns and Ethan Splawn earned merit certificates for scoring 100 on at least 33 percent of their tests during the year. They also earned pastor’s honor roll certificates for having an overall grade average of 95. Travis Geeslin received a commendable academic certificate for scoring 100 on at least 25 percent of tests taken in the year.

Ben Brown, Johnathan Brown, Julia Brown, Jordan Davis, Travis Geeslin, Benjamin Splawn and Carter Splawn were awarded principal’s honor roll certificates for having an overall grade average of 90 to 94.

Students completing the most PACEs overall were recognized. PACEs are the combined textbook/workbooks in which the students study and work. Trophies were given for first place, and ribbons were given for second and third.

1st: Ethan Burns and Ethan Splawn (1st-6th); Julia Brown (7th-12th)

2nd: Travis Geeslin (1st-6th); Abigail Buggar and Carter Splawn (7th-12th)

3rd: Jordan Davis (1st-6th); Ben and Johnathan Brown (7th-12th)

Students earning the highest grade average overall were recognized with first place trophies and second and third place received ribbons.

1st: Ethan Burns (1st-6th); Johnathan Brown (7th-12th)

2nd: Ethan Splawn (1st-6th); Carter Splawn (7th-12th)

3rd: Travis Geeslin (1st-6th); Benjamin Splawn (7th-12th)

Carter Splawn won the sportsmanship trophy, chosen by fellow classmates and teachers.

The citizenship trophy, also chosen by classmates and teachers, went to Jonathan Brown.

Top scholar awards were given to students based on points earned in scholastic competitions during the year. Travis Geeslin took first place, and Ethan Burns and Carter Splawn finished second and third, respectively.

Top athletic awards were also given based on points students earned in various athletic competitions during the year. Abigail Buggar earned the first place trophy, and ribbons for second and third place went to Carter Splawn and Ethan Burns, respectively.

Students also earned accolades for academic achievements in writing, English, history, math, science, social studies and Bible reading. Ethan Burns won an award for literature and creative writing. Ben Brown was recognized for word building. Johnathan Brown was recognized for achievements in health science. Julia Brown was awarded for achievements in pre-algebra. Abigail Buggar was recognized for achievements in English. Jordan Davis was recognized for achievements in social studies. Travis Geeslin was awarded for excellence in math. Benjamin Splawn was awarded for excellence in science. Carter Splawn was recognized for achievements in Texas history. Ethan Splawn was awarded for excellence in Bible reading.

Additionally, students from IBCA received top awards at the Texas Baptist Athletic Conference (TBAC) awards ceremony held in May in Fort Worth.

TBAC, a league of Christian schools in the North Texas area, sponsors various scholastic and athletic competitions throughout the school year. Students accumulate points by placing first through sixth in the various competitions.

The top 10 boys and top 10 girls from all the schools in the league were presented scholastic and athletic medals for earning the highest number of points in the four different age divisions in each category. Scholastic competitions included the Christian skills meet, the music festival, and the science, skills, and scholastic meet.

Athletic competitions included the tennis, bowling, miniature golf, basketball, table tennis and volleyball tournaments, and the cross country and track meets.

These students from Immanuel received both top 10 scholastic medals and top 10 athletic medals in their age division:

GS II Boys – Ethan Burns, Travis Geeslin, Ethan Splawn

Middle School Boys – Ben Brown, Jordan Davis, Benjamin Splawn, Carter Splawn

Middle School Girls – Abigail Buggar

High School Boys – Johnathan Brown

High School Girls – Julia Brown

Students having the most points in their age divisions among all the schools in the TBAC league were also recognized. Five students from IBCA received top athlete plaques, and two IBCA students earned top scholar plaques, including:

Grade School II Boy Top Scholar – Travis Geeslin

Grade School II Boy Top Athlete – Ethan Burns

Middle School Boy Top Athlete – Carter Splawn

High School Boy Top Athlete – Johnathan Brown

High School Girl Top Athlete – Julia Brown

Middle School Girl Top Athlete and Girl Top Scholar – Abigail Buggar

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