Jackpot: 677 pounds of marijuana found in RV

By Brian Knox | Published Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Trip Cut Short

TRIP CUT SHORT – The Wise County Sheriff’s Office discovered 677 pounds of marijuana in an RV headed from California to Dallas. Photo courtesy of Wise County Sheriff’s Office

A traffic stop Sunday led to one of the largest marijuana busts in Wise County in recent memory.

Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin said a deputy was following an RV southbound on U.S. 81/287 when he noticed the driver weaving across the center stripe and then weaving across the shoulder stripe. The officer followed the RV as it exited Texas 114 East toward Dallas and made a traffic stop around 4 p.m. near the intersection of Texas 114 and County Road 4841 just east of Rhome.

“The (driver) stepped out of the vehicle and he was talking to (the officer), and he became exceedingly nervous,” Akin said. “The officer asked for consent to search, and he gave consent.”

What the officer found was an RV filled with 677 pounds of high-grade marijuana.

“That thing was absolutely crammed full,” Akin said. “It was in every bin, stuffed full of marijuana. The external bins where you put luggage and all the internal cabinets, the sleeper, everything was completely loaded with marijuana.”

The marijuana was packaged in amounts a little more than 1 pound each and kept in boxes and vinyl bags. Akin estimates the street value of the marijuana that was confiscated at more than $2 million.

David Kwan, 59, and his passenger, Cuixin Chen, 46, both from Garden, Calif., were charged with felony possession with intent to deliver. They remained in the Wise County Jail Tuesday with bond set at $35,000 each.

Officers believe the two were coming from California and were apparently en route to Dallas.

Akin and Chief Deputy Craig Johnson said the marijuana find was one of the largest they could recall.

“I don’t remember there being one larger,” Akin said.

The sheriff added that he wanted to recognize his officers for their “observation skills and persistence” that led to the find.

2 Responses to “Jackpot: 677 pounds of marijuana found in RV”

  1. says:

    oh wow!!! thanks to these “brave” officers for saving us (we the sheeple) from an evil demon killer weed with roots in hell. now we can all sleep well. it’s a good thing there is no real crime in wise co. or we’d be f!@#$ed because wise co pigs are really nothing but chicken feces that do nothing more than harass motorists passing through. please watch this video of officer friendly misbehaving and visit my website

  2. El Pulpo says:

    I thank these brave men and women in uniform. It’s a real shame the police officers do not get the respect and honor they deserve.


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