Group holds local Families Belongs Together rally

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, June 30, 2018
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Following the details from the border of the immigration enforcement and the use of detention centers that had separated families, Dora Fox said she felt compelled to act and wanted her opposition heard.
As “Families Belong Together” rallies were being planned across the nation, the longtime Decatur resident and Decatur High School graduate organized a local one. Carrying her own sign, Fox joined more than 20 people on the Decatur Square Saturday morning.
“We’re here for the Families Belong Together rally. Instead of driving out to Denton, I thought there would be enough people in Decatur to organize,” Fox said. “Right now, the immigrant children are still separated from their parents. We want our voices heard. We want those children back with their parents and a plan put together to reunite them.”
Fox said she believes the more the message gets out and the more people voice their concern, they can prompt change.
She also didn’t want the protest to be a partisan issue. She said her concern was strictly humanitarian.
“A child does not belong in a jail cell. The parents that are coming are not coming to harm anybody. They are coming to protect their families,” Fox said. “We should all look out for each other.”
Fox was joined by fellow Decatur graduate Margaret Flusche, who teaches in Birdville. Flusche said she’s seen the concern of her students about the zero tolerance immigration policy.
“I teach high school and I had student come to me on the last day, crying and telling me bye in case ICE gets him over the summer,” Flusche said. “If our teenagers are that upset, just imagine what those babies on the border are going through. This was a teenager that has lived here for years. I had to get involved.”
When she learned about Fox’ efforts, she drove to Decatur to join.
“I person in the crowd in Tarrant County is not as big as one in Wise,” she said.
There was no counter-protest or demonstration in Decatur Saturday. Fox said they did receive a few disparaging remarks in the first few minutes, but also received kind words of support.

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