Glass recycling to stop; County searches for options

By Kristen Tribe | Published Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Wise County commissioners decided last week to no longer offer glass recycling at the county dump sites.

The decision came at the recommendation of Public Works Director Keith Stone.

“As of April 1, it costs $60 per ton to get rid of (glass),” he said.

The county takes its recyclable materials to Pratt Industries in Denton. Previously, the company accepted plastics and glass mixed together for recycling, but Stone said now Pratt doesn’t want glass at all. The company is no longer recycling it.

“We’ve hauled 52 tons year-to-date [of plastic and glass mixed],” Stone said.

He told commissioners since the start of the fiscal year, the county has made $4,646 selling plastic and glass together, but today that same mix of material would instead cost the county $3,170.

“I just want to know: do we want to continue taking glass or start throwing it in the trash and make a little money on the plastic?” Stone asked.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Danny White asked what could be done with the glass if they continued separating it. Stone said whether it’s separated or thrown away with regular trash, it would go to the landfill.

His employees have searched for other firms to recycle the glass but have not found one.

A circular discussion followed as commissioners pondered the possibility of setting up a separate container at the dump for glass. They eventually came to the conclusion it would be pointless because the glass would be going to the landfill anyway.

Stone said there’s no space for a separate container for glass at the Decatur dump site.

“I think our best bet is to quit separating glass … recycle plastic and put the rest in the trash bin. We can always keep looking [for a place to recycle glass],” White said.

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