Fake coffin found in cemetery

By Brian Knox | Published Saturday, May 19, 2018

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A woman visiting her child’s grave at a Wise County cemetery made a startling discovery Thursday: a wooden coffin under a tree.

It appears to be part of a scavenger hunt game and not a real coffin.

GAME OVER – Decatur Police Chief Rex Hoskins opens up a fake coffin to reveal a puzzle and rules for a game. The creepy box was found at Sand Hill Cemetery Thursday. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

The bizarre discovery was made at Sand Hill Cemetery near NRS south of Decatur.

“A lady was visiting her son’s grave on his birthday at Sand Hill Cemetery, and she found this under a big magnolia tree. When she opened it, she found the game inside,” Decatur Police Chief Rex Hoskins said.

The coffin was brought to the police station. Hoskins opened the coffin’s lid, and inside was a cloth baby doll with no clothes or head, a jigsaw puzzle and instructions about how to play the game, called “The Hunt.”

Players are instructed to select one person to lay in the coffin with the lid closed while other members of the team go back to their vehicle and put the puzzle together. The puzzle is then returned to the coffin, and the person is allowed to get out.

Hoskins said he had not seen or heard of this game prior to Thursday’s discovery, and he said the game’s location in a cemetery was in poor taste.

“It’s not funny to us, but it’s definitely not funny to someone who comes out there to visit a loved one. Somebody could see that thing and have a heart attack, especially an older person,” he said.

The coffin was loaded into the back of a pickup, and Hoskins instructed city employees to take it away and destroy it.

“There’s no reason for it. It’s a sick game,” he said.

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  1. In poor taste is a very polite statement.


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