Electrical fire extinguished

By Austin Jackson | Published Wednesday, September 5, 2018
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Electrical Fire

ELECTICAL FIRE – Decatur firefighters work to battle a structure fire Monday morning at 1707 N. Colorado St. in Decatur. Captain Eli Nobles and his crew used cinderblocks, a chainsaw, and an axe to help locate and ensure the fire was out at the unoccupied residence. Messenger photo by Austin Jackson

A faulty electrical component led to a small fire at a Decatur home Monday morning.

The residence at 1707 N. Colorado Street was unoccupied, and damage was limited thanks to the work of the Decatur Fire Department, which arrived around 8 a.m.

Dona Hardin, who lives across the street from the house that caught fire, said she saw sparks flying over the residence.

“I saw sparks coming out of the back side of the house. They were flying over the roof,” Hardin said. “I was concerned my house was going to catch on fire.”

Decatur Fire Captain Eli Nobles said when he arrived, the electrical panel on the back of the house was on fire. But the flames didn’t spread inside the home.

“It traveled up the wall and got up in the eaves,” Nobles said. “There was no fire on the inside, just smoke.”

Firefighters used an axe, chainsaw and cinder blocks to access the crawl space and ensure the fire was out.

Nobles confirmed the blaze was extinguished.

“We’re just trying to get all the smoke out of there at this point,” Nobles said.

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  1. Maritha Gan says:

    Well, well, well, when I refused my “Smart Meter” over a year ago, they told me they were safe. But I researched, and found they were not and notified the electric company that I did not want one on my house. They used extortion tactics to force me to have one. ($300.00 down, $75.00 extra per month in cost for an analog face with the same digital meter behind the false front.) I told them they were very dangerous *Crickets. Love how the article doesn’t mention it was a Smart Meter, but it is obvious in the picture. Guess what, if you youtube “Smart Meter Fires” you will get half a dozen videos reporting this. With serious microwave energy going through these, shooting off 900+ Hz energy pulses over 10,000 times a day these things will blow eventually. It is like standing next to a microwave oven turned on with the door open. Canada has removed over 36,000,000 of these meters, and nothing is being done in the States about this because I am willing to bet that there were huge kickbacks given to each county. Look closely at the Carr California fires too. Seimans Corp. GAVE the meters to Bridgeport. Can’t you see this is an agenda?? Hey Fire Investigator, How about researching Smart Meter fires and showing the people of this county a full arson investigation regarding these highly dangerous devices forced upon all of us from Wise County Electric Co-op. How many houses have burned so far from a Smart Meter….will mine be next?


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