City of Boyd approves odor ordinance

By Racey Burden | Published Saturday, June 9, 2018
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Boyd residents fuming over noxious odors from their neighbors have some recourse under an ordinance passed by the city council Tuesday.

Now, any odor that causes “a disturbance of the peaceful tranquility in our town,” can be reported to the city for a possible fine of up to $500.

Boyd City Administrator Greg Arrington said that the city receives complaints about terrible smells originating from certain properties every spring. The ordinance proposed to the council wouldn’t control use of the property – landowners can still use stinky fertilizer, for example. But the city could fine property owners whose bad odors waft to their neighbors’ homes.

“Health and safety violations are difficult to prosecute in Wise County, but this would happen right here in this court,” Arrington said, explaining the offense would fall under city code violations handled in the municipal court.

The council unanimously approved the ordinance.

In other business, the council filled the empty Place 1 seat on the council, which remained empty following the May election when no one filed to run for the seat. Council members voted to fill the vacancy Tuesday, appointing Ashley Frisinger to the post.

Mayor Rodney Holmes commended Frisinger for attending council meetings and seeking out the appointment. She was the only applicant for Place 1.

The council also:

  • approved the sale of two pieces of public property: the old fire hall at 135 N. Wilson and the old library at 100 E. Rock Island. Arrington said the library was priced at $116,000 and the fire department at $200,000. The city will be accepting bids for the properties until June 18.
  • instructed staff to review the current water well ordinance and consider alternatives.
  • extended a temporary permit for mobile vendor Boyd’s BBQ.

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