Citizen requests 3-2-1 discount

By Kristen Tribe | Published Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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Lee Worley of Boyd was the only citizen to speak at the public hearing on the proposed tax rate at last week’s Wise County Commissioners Court.

He referenced a question posed to him by Precinct 2 Commissioner Kevin Burns at the Aug. 23 public hearing to which Worley had responded he was happy the tax rate was being lowered.

County commissioners have proposed a tax rate of 36 cents per $100 property valuation, a 4.4-cent decrease.

“While I am happy about that, you have to think it’s a lower tax rate but higher values,” he said. “You’re still getting an increase over what you have this year. I don’t want you to pat me on the back and think that you’re doing me a favor by lowering the tax rate to 36, which I do appreciate, but I think we can do better than this.

“I feel like y’all need to give something back.”

Worley said he’d like for commissioners to consider 3-2-1 discounts, as outlined in the Texas Tax Code. According to the code, taxpayers would receive a 3 percent discount if the tax is paid in October, a 2 percent discount if it’s paid in November and a 1 percent discount if it’s paid in December.

“All we have to do is adopt it, and everyone is happy,” Worley said. “Not everyone will take advantage of this situation or will be able to.”

Worley referenced having already discussed this with Clark.

“I know you said [County Tax Asssessor-Collector] Monte Shaw ran the numbers, and it would be pretty substantial,” Worley said in regard to the discounts.

Clark said that was based on when citizens paid their taxes last year.

“This is also backed up by the Texas Constitution. I think that’s very relevant,” Worley said. “I think it’s something the people of the county could get behind, and I would support the 36-cent tax rate if you could get something like this to go with it.

“I think you need to give the people something.”

Commissioners did not discuss this issue during the regular meeting. They are scheduled to approve the FY ’19 budget and tax rate at meeting Monday.

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