Bullfighters show off smooth moves

By Kristen Tribe | Published Wednesday, May 30, 2018
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Flying High

FLYING HIGH – A bullfighter gets tossed in a Bullfighters Only competition. This weekend three professional bullfighters will participate in the BFO contest during the JW Hart PBR Challenge. Photo courtesy Bullfighters Only

Bullfighters Only is putting a new spin on an old sport, encouraging rodeo bullfighters to not only escape the bull, but engage the feisty beasts.

The high-octane contests are relatively new to the western world, and BFO is bringing the action to the Wise County Fairgrounds this weekend for the JW Hart PBR Challenge.

BFO Founder Aaron Ferguson said they’ve made it an action sport.

“Our guys are still cowboys, but they’re a little more like the X Games of rodeo,” he said. “They do tricks and maneuvers on the ground to dodge the bull, but they also do more high flying stuff, jumping over them or doing flips.”

The athletes face Spanish fighting bulls, bred specifically for their aggression and quickness. Each bullfighter must maneuver and interact with the bull for one minute. Points are awarded much like they are in bull riding – a maximum of 50 points awarded to the bullfighter and 50 points to the bull. BFO has a regular season similar to the PBR or Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, leading up to its world title contest, the BFO Las Vegas Championship Dec. 6-17 at the Tropicana.

BFO’s first event was in December 2015, and the group is in the midst of its third full season.

“The top 15 bullfighters in the world banded together for the platform, and it’s bullfighter owned and operated,” he said.

Ferguson is a retired bullfighter, working professionally from 2008 to 2015. He said the Decatur event will feature three bullfighters, but several of their top athletes will be in town most of the week for a development camp with Fit-N-Wise.

“It’s just different, and it’s a full-on minute of edge of your seat action,” he said. “After watching eight seconds at a time, it’s something to see our guys jump in there and go toe-to-toe with a bull for 60 seconds. That’s cool.

“It’s a whole mini-show inside the already awesome entertainment.”

The JW Hart PBR Challenge is 8 p.m. Saturday at the Wise County Fairgrounds in Decatur. Buy tickets online at” target=”_blank”> or call 1-800-514-3849.


8 p.m. Saturday

Wise County Fairgrounds

Buy tickets at or call 1-800-514-3849.

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