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By Kristen Tribe | Published Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Messenger photo by Kristen Tribe

Author Julia Heaberlin shakes a reader’s hand after signing a copy of her latest book, “Paper Ghosts,” Tuesday at Decatur Public Library.

She describes the novel as a spooky slow dance between two characters – a young woman obsessed with who killed her sister when she was 12 and Carl Feldman, a documentary photographer who is a suspected murderer.

Heaberlin said she’s always had a creepy preoccupation with crime, and when she was a child, she would sneak into her grandfather’s basement to flip through a book of crime scene photos that he shot. “There was some sort of fascination to it,” she said. “I wondered how my grandfather could shoot with such a cold and realistic eye.” She described one photo of a woman, dead on her kitchen floor in a pool of blood. “I always left the basement wondering who she was, who loved her and what happened leading up to this,” she said. This is Heaberlin’s fourth book to be published by Random House.

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