Apparent scam prompts bomb squad response

By Brian Knox | Published Saturday, July 21, 2018
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The Denton Fire Department Bomb Squad was called to a home south of Boyd Thursday evening after a suspicious suitcase was found.

Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin said it appears it was part of a scam.

According to the sheriff, an elderly couple received a call from a man saying they won $7 million. He told them to send $5,000. They sent the cash to the caller’s given address.

On Thursday, UPS delivered a box containing a briefcase to the couple’s home. After they signed for the package, they received another call from the same person.

“The caller said their money was inside the briefcase, but he instructed them not to open it because a person who had the code would come and open the briefcase. The caller said if they attempted to open the briefcase a dye pack would explode and ruin all of the money,” Akin said.

The couple was then instructed to go to the Apple store and purchase certain laptops and cellular devices. They went to the store and purchased about $20,000 worth of Apple devices to be sent to the caller, Akin said.

An Apple store employee became suspicious and reported it to a Fort Worth Police Department officer who was in the store. Fort Worth PD reported the incident to the Wise County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies went to the couple’s home Thursday night to investigate.

The Denton Fire Department Bomb Squad was called to X-ray the package. Only paper was inside.

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