2018 in Review: Quotes of 2018

By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, December 29, 2018

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“There’s more than one way to skin a cat. We’ve skinned one about 27 different ways in this committee to try to figure out how we are going to get where we are at.”
Kyle Dickerson, the Alvord ISD bond committee chairman, on bond presentation

Quotes Foster

“It’s a small investment in your future. I may be 70, but I want to live like I’m 50.”
Lynn Foster on the importance of exercise

“I don’t think we want to start arming teachers. They have quite a bit of responsibility already.”
Bridgeport Police Chief Steve Stanford

Quotes Swindell

“She was the last one to sell in her litter because they said, ‘This dog is going to be so bad. She’s going to be selling drugs on the street corner.'”
Mary Swindell on her dog, Shiner, who competed at the American Kennel Club Agility Nationals in Reno

“I won’t apologize for doing my job … If you don’t want me to do that job, then don’t vote for me.”
Rhome Mayor Michelle Pittman di Credico during a debate for city council candidates

Quotes Fowler

“I thought this was life ending. Now, I realize that I can overcome these things … It changes your perspective on life completely.”
Angie Fowler of Decatur on finishing her first 5K in April on a prosthetic leg

Quotes Little

“She just always seemed to carry such a light. She was always laughing about something.”
Keri Little on her friend, Jackie Murphree, who died Jan. 10

Quotes Arrington

“The seal ties it together in an abstract way – Audra is us, we are Audra. We’re all local. This was a team effort of local skills.”
Boyd City Administrator Greg Arrington on the remodel of the city council chambers and local artist Audra Lambert’s painting of the city seal

“People with special needs can do so much more than people give them credit for. All you have to do is believe in them.”
Brenda Cottrell, director of the Community Church of Decatur’s “A Christmas Carol” that featured several actors with special needs

Quotes Nichols

“The fire was coming our way, and the wind shifted. The flames went around us. The way I’m taking that is God is the master of the wind. God’s not through with us yet.”
Hopewell Baptist Church pastor Charles Nichols on the church being saved from the Aug. 3 wildfire

Quotes Fleming

“There wasn’t any reason to die.”
104-year-old Gola Mae Fleming on why she’s had such a long life

Quotes Renshaw

“Your love is pretty tested when you live this long. You really have to love someone to live with them. But as you grow older, you have to rely on each other. I think it draws you closer together.”
Sis Renshaw, who was married to her husband, Sam, for more than 70 years

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