Decatur ISD Student Spotlights for Saturday, December 1, 2018

Published Saturday, December 1, 2018
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Dylan Nau


Dylan Nau

Grade: 4

Parents: Michael and Melissa Nau

Favorite subject: P.E.

Hobbies: playing goaltender on his soccer team, building worlds in Minecraft, enjoying the buffet at CiCi’s Pizza, playing any sport or game

“Dylan is a Carson Star with his infectious smile and good attitude toward anything thrown at him. He exemplifies high character and has a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and kind friend. Dylan doesn’t like to brag on himself, but we all know that he comes from a great family and he makes all of us very proud.” – Principal Craig Weston

Angela Rivera


Angela Rivera

Grade: 1

Parents: Luis and Rosalba Rivera

Favorite subject: reading

Hobbies: Angela loves hanging out with her little sister, Emma.

“Angela is very friendly and polite to her peers. She leads by example by doing simple acts of kindness, such as helping others when needed, opening doors for others, and showing respect to everyone around her. She is a wonderful example of the Rann Way.” – Principal Roby Nunn


Hayes Flatt

Grade: Kindergarten

Parents: Coyne and Sara Flatt

Favorite subjects: science and history

Hobbies: baseball

“I chose Hayes for the student spotlight because he is an extremely brilliant student with a passion for learning. It is really fun to see him get so excited and enthusiastic about subjects, especially science! Hayes is very kind and loves to help!” – Principal Lana Coffman


Gabi Mull

Grade: 6

Parents: Christi and Arthur Trevino

Favorite subject: science

Hobbies: running

“Gabi is an enthusiastic learner and knows how to bring a smile to her teacher’s face. She goes out of her way to stop and visit with Mrs. Naumann each morning to make her smile and begin the day with a hug.” – Principal Jim Cain

Torin Steil


Torin Steil

Grade: 7

Parents: Patrick and Tyra Steil

Favorite subject: math

Hobbies: playing with video games and learning new things especially about computer science

“Torin is a team player, who steps out of his comfort zone to help others. Torin is friend to all of his peers and is respected by his friends and teachers. He is a student who works hard to achieve at high levels academically. Torin is a great example to others.” – Principal Brett Phipps

Satasha Kostelecky


Satasha Kostelecky

Grade: 12

Parents: Scott and Sandra Kostelecky

Favorite subject: science

Hobbies: Band, volleyball and National Honor Society

“Satasha is an outstanding representative of the student body at Decatur High School. She is involved in many things around campus and is highly respected by her peers. Students like her are what make this job so rewarding.” – Principal Chris Mogan


Amanda Teichelman

Amanda Teichelman

Position: Educational diagnostician

Family: Husband Matt, son Barrett, and daughter Audrey

Experience: 17 years

Hobbies: Attending TCU sporting events, spending time with family, outdoor activities

Why did you choose education as a profession?: “I chose education as my profession so that I could do my part to inspire the younger generations to believe in themselves. The best part of being in education is getting to know the students and their families, as well as celebrating their accomplishments with them throughout their life journey.”

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