Chico ISD Student Spotlights for Saturday, November 24, 2018

Published Saturday, November 24, 2018
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Camryn Sides


Camryn Sides

Grade: 3

Parents: Dusty and Brandi Sides

Favorite subject: math

Hobbies: cheerleading, basketball and softball

“Camryn is always kind, polite and thoughtful of others. She is a quiet leader who exemplifies integrity.” – Principal Karen Decker

Izzy Bryan


Izzy Bryan

Grade: 8

Parents: Marci and Webb Bryan

Favorite subject: U.S. History

Hobbies: “I play the piano, show Beefmasters and I love volleyball.”

“Izzy’s a great young adult. She has great academics, great athletics and a great personality. Teachers couldn’t ask for a better student. She’s involved in everything, and she is nice to everyone.” – Principal Monte Sewell

Genevieve Armstrong


Genevieve Armstrong

Grade: 11

Parents: James and Christina Armstrong

Favorite subject: history

Hobbies: theatre, art

“Genevieve has a sweet, feisty spirit, and she’s always willing to do anything she is asked. She will be stage-managing for the one-act play UIL competition, and I expect she will do a wonderful job.” – ELA teacher Kim Williams


Laina Bowyer

Laina Bowyer

Position: fourth-grade math teacher

Family: husband Bill

Hobbies: swimming, spending time with family

Why did you choose education as a profession?: “I’ve always loved child development. The way children think is extremely interesting to me. I like to think that I am contributing in some small way in molding these young people into our future leaders.”

Deborah Price

Position: teacher

Family: two children, Angela and Ashley; two grandchildren, Camdyn and William

Experience: 35 years

Hobbies: playing with grandchildren, going to grandchildren’s activities, spending time with family, cooking, reading, working in yard

Why did you choose education as a profession?: “I chose education because of my love for working with children. There is never a dull moment. It is so rewarding to watch them learn something new. It is like a lightbulb illuminating for the first time. Children are so special, and they really need someone to care. I feel as though my job as an educator is not only to educate but also to be there for them when needed. Teaching involves more than just books and lessons.”

Kathryn L. Dey

Position: eighth- through 12th-grade math teacher

Family: husband Tom; three kids, Kevin, Krystine, Chloe

Experience: 20 years teaching math in Chico and Decatur

Hobbies: sewing, cooking, reading and working in the yard

Why did you choose education as a profession?: “Initially I chose teaching because of my own three children and my desire to be more involved in their education. My parents were always involved in mine and my siblings’ education, pushing each of us to continue learning. One of my favorite dad quotes is, ‘If you are not learning something new, you must be dead.’ My father was on various school boards for about 30 years, and I can still picture him reading through his school papers at the kitchen table while I worked at my own homework. My mom would always tell us kids to smile and be a positive influence on others around us. To get myself into the ‘teaching mode’ every morning, I smile into my rearview mirror at the many stop signs along my route to work. Teaching math all these years has been rewarding and oh, so much fun. The dawning look of understanding on a student’s face is the best reward.”

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