Boys ISD Student Spotlights for Saturday, November 10, 2018

Published Saturday, November 10, 2018
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Hayden Swindell


Hayden Swindell

Grade: 2

Parents: Jenna and Heath Swindell

Favorite subject: English/language arts

Hobbies: Football and baseball

“We chose Hayden because not only is he a kind-hearted student, but he is motivated, focused and an active participant in all subject areas. He is a good friend to his peers and a team player on his football team. Hayden is what we call a ‘star student.'” – Principal Anke Bracey

Olivia Pecina


Olivia Pecina

Grade: 6

Parents: Eddie and Elizabeth Pecina

Favorite subject: reading

Hobbies: Swimming competitions and hanging out with friends

“Olivia is always willing to lend a hand and is the ultimate team player. Her positive attitude always brightens the atmosphere of those around her.” – Principal Daniel Bourgeois

Megan Olson


Megan Olson

Grade: 8

Parents: Thomas and Gina Olson

Favorite subject: math

Hobbies: Likes to ride her dirt bike and wakeboard

“Megan is one of those students that likes to stay behind the scenes, but in reality is an authentic leader. Her positive attitude is contagious, and she is always willing to go out of her way to help others.” – Principal Daniel Bourgeois

Gauge Fahlin


Gauge Fahlin

Grade: 12

Parents: Karrie Morman

Favorite subject: English

Hobbies: FFA officer, varsity cross country and track

“Gauge is an outstanding young man. Gauge is a student that works hard academically and athletically. He always represents BHS very well.” – Principal Susan Foster

Sheryll Estes


Sheryll Estes

Position: 5th grade English/language arts and social studies

Family: Husband, Tony; three children, Ethan, Zion and Peyton

Experience: 5 years

Hobbies: Reading and spending time with kids

Why did you choose education as a profession?: “I wanted to make a difference. One thing I like about teaching is the ability to encourage students and build them up.”

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