Taking Care of Business: Good time had by all

By Kristen Tribe | Published Saturday, August 4, 2018
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The grand opening of Hayhurst Brothers Design and Build was more of a party (thank goodness!) than a ribbon cutting.

Here’s a snapshot of my experience:

  • I got to try one of Chundy’s new popsicles, and I must say, they are divine. I had key lime, the most refreshing summer flavor.
  • I visited with old family friends, as well as a few of my Bridgeport buddies.
  • I met, and loved on, a real, live wolf.
  • I perused the beautiful wares inside the store and made a shopping list for my next trip.
  • I did not get to taste Oak and Eden whiskey, but might they have a local storefront soon?

On the way to my car, I stopped to talk to a friend, and while we were chatting, a car barreled up the street, wildly blaring its horn. We were momentarily startled thinking this person wanted to drive down the street in front of us, which was packed with people. But it parked just beside the store and the driver hopped out as I was walking past to my car.

All the Hayhurst Brothers swarmed the guy with wide smiles, handshakes and back slaps.

I did a double take. It was actor Jason Lee. (slightly starstruck)


Anyone out there have their back-to-school shopping finished?

Not this girl.

I have two teenagers who’ve grown a couple of inches each since May, so we not only need supplies, but also a whole new wardrobe before day one.

But good news: next weekend is the Texas sales tax holiday weekend. Starting Friday, Aug. 10, through midnight Sunday, Aug. 12, you can buy most clothes, shoes and school supplies tax-free. This will save you about $8 for every $100 you spend, which may not sound like a lot, but it can add up. And if you’re like me, every dollar counts.

Check with local stores to see what specials they may also be running. A good sale, plus no sales tax can add up to big savings.


So, a friend had lunch with a Chick-fil-A owner in the Metroplex this week and put in a little plug for Decatur.

Apparently, we’re already on the CFA radar, so fingers and waffle fries crossed!

Days without Chick-fil-A in Wise County: 216.

Kristen Tribe is assistant publisher of the Messenger. If you have a tip for TCB, email it to or call 940-627-5987.

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