Track: Twin powered – Decatur twins to duel on track

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, April 8, 2017
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Twice as Nice

TWICE AS NICE – Twins Mallory and Macy Downe are integral parts of Decatur’s 4×100 relays. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

On the track there’s one person Mallory Downe is keeping her eye on.

It’s someone she knows well and who looks familiar – her twin sister Macy.

“She’s my toughest competition,” Mallory Downe said. “Every time after the meet we always talk about what we can do better and what we can work on. We compete with each other more than anyone else. We push each other to be better.”

Monday and Wednesday at Argyle the two will duel once again on the track in the 100 for the 9-4A title and area spots. It will be part of a busy district meet for the Decatur sophomores.

The two will race on the sprint and 4×200 relays along with long jump.

The two ran on the relays last year, helping to win the district title in both and advanced to regionals.

Macy Downe took second in the 100 last year and sixth at area.

Mallory ran the 200, finishing sixth at district along with her silver medal in the long jump.

“They always split us up,” Macy said. “I’d be in the 100, and she’d be in the 200.”

Decatur coach David Park said he tried to split the two up to give them each a chance to shine away from the other. But he’s come to realize they bring out the best in each other.

“It’s where their talents are,” Park said. “We tried to split them up. But they are better together.”

Double Downe

DOUBLE DOWNE – Macy (left) and Mallory Downe usually compete in many of the same events. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

At the final tuneup before the District 9-4A meet, the Fit-N-Wise Invitational, Macy narrowed out her sister to win in 12.82. Mallory was second in 12.92.

“I like racing her. She makes me go faster,” Macy said.

Off the track, the two are best friends, hanging out with the same group of friends.

“We carpool,” Mallory said. “[With a twin] you always have someone to hang out with.”

They also use each other to find out what clothes might look like on each other.

Though they are identical twins of nearly the same speed, the Downes point out their personalities differ greatly. Mallory is the serious one, while Macy is more of a free spirit.

“I’m OCD, and she’s carefree,” Mallory said. “She’s also a bit messy.”

With the Downes teaming with Autumn Finny and Kallie Boner on the sprint relay, the quartet has turned in impressive times this season. They won the Fit-N-Wise Invitational in 49.94.

The Downes are hoping for a bit of redemption in the event this year. At regionals last year, the two couldn’t make an exchange.

“As soon as I went to hand her the stick, I hit it off my leg,” Macy recalled.

“I was running and turned away, and she was on the ground,” Mallory recalled.

The two have an exchange in the 4×200 they ran with Aly Skarke and Mackenzie Whitaker last week in 1:47.06.

The pair get along most of the time. When they do have a spat, it’s usually to the amusement of their teammates.

“They just laugh at us if we fight,” Mallory said.

On the track and in the long jump pit they will be trying to beat each other and bring out their best.

“It’ll be good competition,” Mallory said.

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