Soccer: Prado, Aguilar share MVP

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, May 6, 2017
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Top Billing 1

TOP BILLING – Bridgeport’s Eric Aguilar (above) and Decatur’s Jaime Prado (below) shared the 3-4A MVP award. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

On the back line, Bridgeport’s Eric Aguilar served as the ultimate sweeper, making the Bulls’ defense almost impenetrable in a run to the 4A final.

Decatur’s Jaime Prado brought unmatched offensive skills, pushing to the Eagles to the first playoff wins for the program.

The offensive and defensive standouts shared the District 3-4A MVP honor.

Aguilar, a junior, was named a member of the state tournament team with his heroics on defense in overtime. He even played goalkeeper in the shootout to settle the title game.

Prado, a senior, led Decatur in goals.

Decatur’s Daniel Inguanzo was named 3-4A Offensive MVP.

Bridgeport freshman Milton Iniguez earned newcomer of the year. Miguel Olmos took midfield MVP.

Ben Parks was named coach of the year after guiding the Bulls to an undefeated run in 3-4A and to the state final in the program’s second year.

Bridgeport’s Clara Ortiz earned the top keeper honor for in the girls district. Marisa Duran grabbed a share of the defensive MVP.



CO-MVP: Eric Aguilar, junior, Bridgeport; Jamie Prado, senior, Decatur

OFFENSIVE MVP: Daniel Inguanzo, junior, Decatur

CO-DEFENSIVE MVP: Christopher Lamberti, senior, Burkburnett; Korey Carvil, junior, Hirschi

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: Milton Iniguez, freshman, Bridgeport

GOALKEEPER MVP: Tyler Domenici, senior, Burkburnett

MIDFIELD MVP: Miguel Olmos, junior, Bridgeport

COACH OF THE YEAR: Ben Parks, Bridgeport


Juan Amador, junior, Bridgeport; Jose Martinez, senior, Bridgeport; Efrain DeLuna, senior, Bridgeport; Giovanni Martinez, sophomore, Bridgeport; Jesus Aguilar, junior, Bridgeport; Niles Harlan, senior, Decatur; Gumaro Inguanzo, sophomore, Decatur; Armando Benitez, sophomore, Decatur; Jose Chavarria, sophomore, Hirschi; Martin Cerna, sophomore, Hirschi; Alex Vega, senior, Burkburnett


Jonathan Juarez, freshman, Bridgeport; Rigoberto Alvarez, sophomore, Bridgeport; Eddie Munoz, freshman, Bridgeport; Andrew Stotts, junior, Bridgeport; Rodrigo Carrillo, sophomore, Decatur; Diego Garcia, sophomore, Decatur; Marc Lara, senior, Decatur; Aristotle Chandler, junior, Hirschi; Alonso Cerna, sophomore, Hirschi; Carlos Cerna, sophomore, HIrschi; George Roth, senior, Burkburnett; Simao Alves, senior, Burkburnett


MVP: Michinsi Montoya, freshman Hirschi

OFFENSIVE MVP – Marley Cooke, senior, Burkburnett

CO-DEFENSIVE MVP – Marisa Duran, senior, Bridgeport; Yesenia Enriquez, sophomore, Hirschi

UTILITY PLAYER OF THE YEAR – Ana Gonzalez, senior, Bridgeport

MIDFIELDER OF THE YEAR – Mireya Chavez, senior, Hirschi

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR – Ashley Green, freshman, Burkburnett

GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR – Clara Ortiz, sophomore, Bridgeport

COACH OF THE YEAR – Kevyn Trammell, Hirschi


Sirena Juarez, junior, Hirschi; Taneisha Harrell, senior, Hirschi; Andi Newberry, junior, Hirschi; Lydia Acuna, junior, Hirschi; Jasmine Aguilar, sophomore, Hirschi; Beka Powers, sophomore, Bridgeport; Leilani Stone, sophomore, Bridgeport; Brigitte Baca, senior, Bridgeport; Carlie Clark, sophomore, Burkburnett; Camryn Hiday, junior, Burkburnett; Kathy Martinez, sophomore, Decatur


Delilah Dominguez, junior, Hirschi; Ruby Cornejo, sophomore, Hirschi; Alexa Juarez, senior, Hirschi; Shatoya DelValle, senior, Hirschi; Dolores Amador, senior, Bridgeport; Savannah Tuggle, junior, Bridgeport; Loreli Aguilar, junior, Bridgeport; Brooke Mullins, senior, Burkburnett; Lauren Johnston, freshman, Burkburnett; Mary Faith Tune, freshman, Decatur; Monica Lira, junior, Decatur

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