Powerlifting: Burton finishes third at state

By Richard Greene | Published Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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Throughout Saturday’s meet, Alvord’s Brittany Burton kept an eye on her competition, trying to figure out what weight to attempt to edge up the leaderboard.

She worked the math and went for 275 pounds on her last deadlift. Burton pulled the weight to garner third place in the 114-pound class in the 1A-2A Division at the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association championships.

“It was the first meet where I watched the competition to figure out what they were lifting,” Burton said. “The deadlift was the deal breaker for third or not. We were watching each other.”

Burton finished with a total of 670 to beat out fourth place by 20 pounds. She lifted 265 on squat and 130 on bench press in addition to her best deadlift.

Her total was 40 pounds more than regionals.

“I was psyched to go from fourth at regionals to third in the state. I didn’t get called for anything so I got to lift heavier weights,” Burton said.

A former wrestler who took up the sport this year, she took home a medal in her only state meet.

“This was my first and last year. This means a lot to go to state and place,” Burton said.

Before entering the arena to lift, Burton had to shed three pounds to get under 114. She said she ran 40 minutes at the hotel in sweats to get to 113 before competition.

“It was definitely worth it to sweat off the weight,” Burton said about the medal.



Class, Place, Name, School, Total (bench press, squat, deadlift)

114: 3. Brittany Burton, Alvord, 670 (265, 130, 275)

132: 8. Haley Pollard, Chico, 695 (265, 150, 280)

220: 6. Makayla Martin, Alvord, 885 (390, 180, 315)

259: 8. Allison Ricketts, Alvord, 725 (265, 180, 280)

259-plus: 4. Jessica Redwine, Chico, 890 (340, 210, 340)


123: 8. Rian Kinney, Paradise, 745 (330, 150, 265)

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