We all have rights

By Randall O. Watson | Published Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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Currently there is a ridiculous national discussion regarding a few multi-millionaires not showing respect for our flag or national anthem. They have a right to feel mistreated, so be it. Our flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and the Constitution gives everyone this right.

They show their ignorance by protesting their protection. The problem is we the people do not always respect other people’s rights. So the protestors must help change we the people’s perception of others. And yes, I understand there are some just plain mean people in the world, and we have our share.

Yes, I am WASP (white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant). Sometimes I have shown disrespect and as a result, my conscience reminds me not to repeat it. I am ex-military, and I stand for our national anthem, salute the flag of the U.S. of A. and respect the Constitution.

Randall O. Watson

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