Wake up, Wise County

By Rusty White | Published Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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As more and more states, as well as counties in the great state of Texas, are choosing to follow a new direction, why don’t we? While they are saving taxpayers dollars, resources, jail space, court costs and man-hours, we continue to cause needless harm to our citizens. Why?

Dallas is the latest county to start ticketing and releasing their citizens with small amounts of marijuana and paraphernalia, thereby refusing to jail or force people to needlessly pay for towing of their vehicles or to bond out or sit in jail, saving their taxpayers and citizens money and harm.

Why can’t we?

“Because it is the law.” WRONG.

The laws in Texas were changed over five-plus years ago.

As a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (leap.cc), over and over I was told, “if you don’t like the laws, fight to change them,” and we did! Sadly, they left it up to the district attorneys in each county to choose to save their citizens’ tax dollars while ending the needless harm being done. Does anybody in Wise County know of a law we, as citizens, can choose to follow or not follow?

Every day more and more truth is coming out about the lies and propaganda we as a people and a nation were being told (and sadly still are) for more than 50-plus years! The medical benefits as well as the lack of harm marijuana use does is undisputable. Many states now have documented proof that after their citizens’ free will was accepted, teen use went down, alcohol use went down, crime went down, vehicle accidents went down and death and addiction from hard drugs went down, which is just the opposite of what those who make a living off this failed drug war claimed would happen! The medical benefits are astounding. Sadly, those that have lied while denying our sick people the access to this wonder plant will one day have to face the reality of their actions.

These states have gained new tax revenue while ending the needless harm to their citizens, instead of continuing the harm and costing their taxpayers more and more every year.

There has to be a better way; help us find it.

Rusty White

3 Responses to “Wake up, Wise County”

  1. Rusty White says:

    How hard would it be to add a “like or Dislike” feature to these articles? Many in our community support new ideas and direction, but do not want be attacked for voicing their beliefs.

  2. says:

    It’s all about the all mighty dollar and having control over the public Rusty. If they was to just write a ticket to the ordinary person for petty possession for weed, then they might have to really do their job of going after the major drug dealers and meth heads. The petty weed users are the cash cow!

  3. Rusty White says:


    Thanks for having honesty to respond, even with no name, I did not know you could post without a name. You would sadly be correct weed is the “low hanging fruit” of the tree of greed and abuse of powers. One day “ALL” those that make a living while feed their families off this needles and unwarranted harm, will have to face reality! Just doing your job will be no excuse for the harm that has and is sadly still being done.

    The tax payers and citizens are starting to realize the harm and wasted use of our money and resources, and it is way over due.

    There Has To Be A Better Way, Help Us Find it! http://www.leap.cc


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