Trump and Moore: two of a kind

By Ken Hughes | Published Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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During a speech in November 1942, after the historic defeat of Rommel’s Nazi Army at El Alamein during his failed push into Egypt, Sir Winston Churchill, in his inimitable voice and style said, “Now this is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.”

After the historic defeat of the disgusting “conservative Republican,” U.S. Senate pedophile aspirant Roy Moore, I think perhaps the same quote is most appropriate in the fast approaching repudiation of Donald John Trump; it is perhaps the beginning of the end of the current Republican Oval Office nightmare.

In Trump’s own voice and words, he admitted to multiple sexual assaults, not to mention pedophilic tendencies by talking about walking into the dressing room for the Miss Teen USA pageant as underage girls were in various stages of undress. He claimed it was his “right” to do so as “he owned it!”

Just as Trump, Moore has claimed despite evidence to the contrary that he “didn’t know any of the women who testified,” some tearfully, about his assaults, one of whom was 14 and he was 32 at the time. As the adage states, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Trump and Moore are clearly simpatico, so the adage bears out it seems.

But America and the world will continue as they always have, regardless of the dire predictions of the hilarious “end timers.” In line and in tune with that evangelical mob is another group given life, if not birth by Trump, the “birthers.” Those two groups share a fanaticism that endures despite there being no credible evidence for any of their declarations.

To date, nearly 1,400 falsehoods have been documented as being uttered by President Trump. To his mind, his last name seemingly states the fact that anything he says is a fact that trumps all other opinions.

Moore’s non-concession speech reminds me that Mitt Romney had not even considered defeat and had not prepared a concession speech. Perhaps one day soon it will sink into Moore’s mind that he lost the election by his own past actions and words, just as Trump’s past actions and words should have defeated him. If Trump is truly a Christian fundamentalist evangelical, I’m the Pope.

Ken Hughes
Wise County

8 Responses to “Trump and Moore: two of a kind”

  1. Rusty White says:

    Ken, WELL SAID!!!

    How anyone of “supposed faith” could support either of these people is beyond me. It is my beliefs those that do, have a faith I have never heard of, one that condones lying, and abuse of women and power for their own worldly agendas, which goes against EVERYTHING I was ever taught about faith.

    When I meet my maker I will not have to answer for this disgusting and disgraceful debacle, I feel sorry for those who will!

  2. El Pulpo says:

    Ken, you should write about ol’ Bill’s sexual escapades. No doubt you’ll have plenty of material to pull from.

  3. Rusty White says:

    El Pulpo,

    So the wrongs of another is an excuse for wrongs of the two in Ken’s post? Did “Bill” have this much disgusting baggage these two have “BEFORE” he was even elected? Sad to see anybody attempt to find an excuse or “shade” for these two abusers or any others, SO BE IT!

  4. El Pulpo says:

    Rusty White, not at all. Your weak attempt to pull my words out of context is incorrect. What I am suggesting is that someone who appears to be as outraged at Trump’s actions should also address Bill’s. As for your question: “Did ‘Bill’ have this much disgusting baggage these two have ‘BEFORE’ he was even elected” seems to suggest that it is ok to commit sexual crimes after one is President. Regardless of when they were committed, before or after election, is still wrong. Sad to see anyone give former presidents a pass just because they committed sexual crimes while in office. SO BE IT!

  5. Rusty White says:

    El Pulpo,

    Thanks for the laugh! One should not make assumptions, as to what another is saying. In “Bill’s” case, was he found guilty of a sexual crime, were both parties not of legal age? He was found to be lying, but I don’t remember a sex crime conviction, may be you can show everybody on here some documentation as to your claim? While I don’t approve of his actions, he wasn’t going after 14 year olds and under age girls, was he?

  6. El Pulpo says:

    Rusty, it’s sad that you think this is a laughing matter. I don’t think it is. Also, in your comment “In ‘Bill’s’ case, was he found guilty of a sexual crime, were both parties not of legal age…” you seem to try to narrow his sexual escapades only to Monica Lewinsky, but this attempt is not lost on me. He paid Paula Jones in an out-of-court settlement. You don’t agree to pay out if you’re completely innocent. And I hope you’re not suggesting that age makes a difference in whether or not someone is a victim of sexual assault. Whether they are 14 or underage, or adults, they are still victims. Albeit, it is more grievous when they are underage.

  7. Rusty White says:

    El Pulpo,

    Missed the mark again, I think your assumptions as to my beliefs are funny. Due to your posts, and your concern over this issue, care to let everyone know how you feel about trump and his history of abuse? Why is it you don’t use your real name?

  8. El Pulpo says:

    Rusty, why didn’t you address the Paula Jones out-of-court settlement I pointed out? And instead of just asking about “Trump and his history of abuse”, you should point out a concrete case, as I have with Paula Jones. Don’t expect me or others to do your homework for you. Eleazar Pulpillo.


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