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By Cindy, Terry and Maddi Terry | Published Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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To my friends and the community that is Wise County:

“No man hath seen God at anytime. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.” – I John 4:12

The closest any of us will ever get to seeing God while still existing on this earth is by experiencing His love through others. This Bible truth has never been more real to my family and me than it was last month. The words and promises of God came alive and took root in our hearts. It didn’t surprise us. It overwhelmed us.

In the midst of our tragedy, when we felt so much sorrow and hurt, the love of God overpowered it all. To us, the most incredible part of this love of God in action was that you, the people of Wise County, were the vessels used to pour out this unmeasured love onto us.

On July 6, our nephew, whom we had raised for the last seven years, was killed in a horrible car accident. Learning of his death was horrific. He was ripped from our lives in an instant, without warning. There is indescribable confusion, agonizing pain and an expeditious void.

However, from the onset of those emotions there were people, God’s people, surrounding us. Within minutes we were encompassed by individuals and friends blanketing us with God’s love. They cried with us, prayed with us, wrapped their arms around us and held us. They stood quietly by with a supportive hand on our shoulders. They just sat with us in silence. Many brought food. Several brought things we never thought we’d need, but did! Some gave money. There were those who, it seemed, never left. Someone was always there … loving us.

For the past several months, I personally have been studying and learning about God’s love. I’ve learned that the words “God is love” is more than a Bible verse or trite adage. It is a description of the being and person of God. He cannot be anything other than love. Love is not something He does. It is WHO He is. I have also learned that I have to be willing to accept that love. I must let down my guard and become vulnerable so I can be loved, which is not always as easy for me as I would like it to be.

However, on that day in July I really had no choice. If I did not accept God’s love through His people, I would have been lost, alone and most miserable. So had God been preparing me in those prior months? Perhaps! I hope it was more than that.

My desire is that through this “love-filled” tragedy, God has changed me. I not only want to continue to let God love me through others, but I also want to love others without reservation and without hesitation. I want love to be my “go-to” emotion.

So thank you to our amazing community for not just rallying around us in time of tragedy and need, but thank you for being the essence of a loving God. Thank you for going beyond the showing of love and becoming love in action! You have been God’s word come alive, and it has forever changed us. Remember always that God is love! Therefore, He can do nothing else but love us. It is who He is!

Cindy, Terry and Maddi Terry

P.S. Special thanks to our family at Friendship Baptist Church, our friends at First Baptist Church of Boyd, First Baptist Church of Cottondale, Missionary Baptist Church Springtown, Church of Christ Cottondale, Heritage Baptist Church Haslet, Grace Fellowship Paradise, Paradise ISD, Lisa Nocks and minions, and Cliff and Tracie Garces.

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