Good job council

By Jim Pell | Published Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Our elected officials have a difficult job. As citizens, we want excellent services but at a price (tax burden) we are comfortable with. The last several weeks have been very stressful in and around the city of Bridgeport. The city government looked at a plan involving involuntary annexation – a strategy that has been used across the state for decades. The ensuing process brought about many emotional responses.

The Bridgeport City Council took time to listen to Bridgeport voters and affected Wise County landowners. In the end, they made the courageous decision to stop the annexation. They did their job. They carried out the will of the electorate. As someone who opposed the involuntary annexation, I am grateful for the city council’s attention and courtesy, along with their commitment to doing what is right and just.

To the mayor, the city council and the city staff, thank you for listening to us, reading our emails and responding to our requests. Those of us who live out in the county are members – proud members – of the Bridgeport community. We will do all we can to support “our town.”

To my friends and neighbors in and around Bridgeport, please make it a point to shop first in Bridgeport. This weekend, and as the holidays approach, try to look close to home when you have to make a grocery run, a hardware re-supply, or grabbing a gift that could be found right here in our town.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and God bless you and your families.

Jim Pell

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