Give Trump a chance

By Linda Goodwin | Published Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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A few weeks ago there was a letter about this paper’s disrespect for our president.

(The only reply to that was that she had erred in saying he won the majority vote.)

Nevertheless, he is our president. I am sad to see that this paper joins the media in this country of constant non-support of him.

Are you so against his being in this office that you will speak in favor of things that I am assuming you would not normally support? (I refer to the cartoon concerning transgender individuals.)

I pray for President Donald Trump every day because even though I may not believe he can bring this country back to where it needs to be, I know that God can, and I still believe in Him.

Mr. Trump will be our president for the next four years. I don’t think any good can come from the media making fun of him during that time. Why not give him a chance?

Linda Goodwin

2 Responses to “Give Trump a chance”

  1. El Pulpo says:

    I whole-heartedly agree.

  2. says:

    There is so much corruption in Washington now, on both sides of the isle that they are scared to death that President Trump is going to expose them all as he will. That is a good thing, not a bad thing. President Trump outsmarts them all at every turn and makes them look like fools, which many are. He owes no one any favors and does not need any more money so he can do what needs to be done. It is unbelievable how many people had rather see the country go under than for Trump to succeed. Look at his children, that tells you a lot about a person. I also like the way he talks. He has to be telling the truth because no one would say those things on purpose if they were not true. Anyway, cut him some slack, he is doing a great job especially compared to what we had before.


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