Feeling like the enemy

By Mary Ann Hunn | Published Saturday, June 24, 2017

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As a property owner in Wise County, have you ever prevailed in protesting taxes before the Wise County Appraisal District?

Year after year I protest, and year after year I lose. I paid for an appraisal by a local appraiser and presented pictures of the condition of the property – it didn’t matter. Always the members of the WCAD agree with the Wise County agent.

I left feeling that I am at war, the WCAD being the army with soldiers inspecting property for any new sheds, etc., and property owners are the enemy!

I guess I will wind up like many others who are taxed out of their property and live my days out in an RV park.

As I expressed my thoughts to the WCAD, maybe this is part of a “plan.” Native Americans lived on this property, now long gone. My family has been here for 100 plus years. Maybe it’s time for us to move on and make way for those coming from foreign countries who are richer than us and can pay the taxes.

Mary Ann Hunn

2 Responses to “Feeling like the enemy”

  1. says:

    The WCAD is the most backward organization in local government. They raise property appraisals without any real justification. They took properties over 20 miles from my property as their “comps.” If they have a tax shortfall, the way to overcome this is to increase taxes in the county. The increase in property values is like a losing investment under their tyrannical rule. Their increases on paper effectively makes your property worthless to anyone trying to buy in the area. I will be making every effort to not spend any money in Wise County. I will buy my groceries and gas in another county when possible. This is my Declaration of WSAD Sucks.

    I hope someday that we will not rent out property annually from county. A good way to get rid of the problem is to tax on consumption. It is my sincere hope that everyone employed by WCAD is soon replaced by a website and two intelligent people.

  2. Maritha Gan says:

    Yes, we are the enemy to their jobs and pension and health insurance! I have protested 3 times…the last two especially left a very bad taste in my house. They have us fighting them INDIVIDUALLY and what we need is to fight them as a large group of VOTERS. Until we start protesting as a group, nothing will happen…the game is fully rigged.

    Feeling like you can’t do anything about your property taxes in Texas? There’s a special legislative session that begins July 18, 2017 and property taxes are on the agenda in Austin!

    Call, email, fax, and snail mail your representative if you want to see property tax changes. Click the link to look up your representative: http://bit.ly/2tMGgHg.

    Although I think our current elected officials are a bunch of turncoats, they need to know that we will vote them out next session. Property taxes have become a 2nd monthly mortgage payment and there is no end in sight.

    What is IMPORTANT is that the Appraisal is a tax on UNREALIZED CAPITAL GAINS. If our homes have not been sold at the ridiculous value they put on our homes, then that money is not in our pocket and thus they are illegally taxing. This in reality is RENT money as we no longer own our homes. This is a far bigger AGENDA than Wise County, this is an agenda especially to get the heritage farms and ranches back in the hands of the banking industry. We are tenants. This taxation is against the Constitution. It is an ILLEGAL TAX on UNREALIZED CAPITAL GAINS!!!!


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