Discouraged by journalists

By Jo Ann Mann | Published Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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In your last article about President Trump, when you remarked about your gut reaction was that of bewilderment and (if you were truthful) anger, I now see how my president reacts to CNN and other journalists as we live in a sad time because we have some journalists and news people who are not truthful, especially those who do not want Trump as our president.

Who did Wise County vote for in this election? All of us who voted for him are tired of journalists telling us what the news means or how we should feel.

You have used your paper to tell us how you think about our president. The majority of the nation voted for Donald Trump, and the majority of our nation is proud of him and his accomplishments, despite what the news people are reporting to the contrary.

Just report the news and leave your opinions out of the newspaper.

President Trump was not elected by snowflakes but by good, honest, hardworking people who love God and love our country. We also want the editor of the Wise County Messenger to know that you are using your power, the power of the pen, to lash out at Trump.

It is simply deeply discouraging for this country that some journalists will not support, pray for and encourage the president of the United States of America. A house divided against itself will fall, and you are helping it happen, one article at a time.

I think your behavior is unacceptable, just like the news from CNN.

Jo Ann Mann

*Editor’s note: The majority of U.S. voters did not cast a ballot for Donald Trump. Democrat Hillary Clinton received 65,853,516 votes, compared to Trump’s 62,984,825. Trump secured the presidency because he received more electoral votes, 306 to Clinton’s 232.

9 Responses to “Discouraged by journalists”

  1. George Davis says:

    Basic civics. The popular vote selects the electors and the electors vote for the President. 306 to 232 sounds like a majority to me.

  2. I have never felt the need to comment before, but there was absolutely NO call for the Editor’s note to this Letter to the Editor. Wise County – which is what this paper should care about – overwhelmingly voted for President Trump – 20655 vs. 3412 for the losing candidate Clinton. That’s the popular vote! President Trump’s electoral vote was a massive majority at 306 to 232 – so still a MAJORITY. As for the overall national popular vote, if you take out all the illegal votes cast, it is MY BELIEF he did in fact win the popular vote as well. I do not for one minute believe that Clinton remotely won the legal popular vote. Regardless of the numbers, Donald J. Trump IS the 45th President and should be shown the respect that office deserves by your newspaper as well as everyone else. The horrendous previous President received it and in no way deserved it as his sole goal was to destroy and divide the nation – which is why we now have even worse healthcare, race relations, and disrespect for law enforcement – it was his destructive agenda that the so called press bought and continue to spread like the foul disease it is. Thankful every single day that the rational and responsible voting public looked past the crap being broadcast and voted someone into office that is at least TRYING to help this country. The bias in the media needs to STOP. Just report the news without your opinion. Write an opinion piece, but for heavens sake don’t call it news.

  3. Check out the smarty-pants “Editor’s Note”:
    Hillary won the popular vote – so THERE!

    Yeah, if you’re counting illegals and dead people.

    I believe Trump won 30 states to Her Thighness’s 20.

    She lost – BIG time. Get over it, “journalists”.

  4. Great letter, Jo Ann.
    You nailed it.

  5. Amen, MICHELE!!!!

  6. Ken Bateman says:

    I am compelled to speak to the July 12 “Your Views” letter, DISCOURAGED BY JOURNALISTS by Jo Ann Mann of Bridgeport.

    May I suggest Ms. Mann and others consider that it is not just The Messenger or just the Editor’s opinion that The President of the United States is bewildering? When the leader of any large, modern nation uses Social Media to single out commentators on a news channel and make juvenile remarks about their personal appearance or intellect it is “news,” and in this case it was reported in virtually every single newspaper in the United States of America. It was, literally, historical. No other President has done this kind of thing.

    A large number of world leaders, many founders of large companies, as well as the very honorable Senator John Mc Cain and other Republicans, are bewildered by Donald Trump. So am I. So are over 60 percent of the people of the United States, according to several recent surveys.

    I don’t know what “snoflakes” means in the letter. It looks like an invented talk radio slur, but I do know that silly insults like this are avoided by thoughtful people, and that those issued by Donald Trump, on a very regular basis, are not “Presidential.” This kind of disrespectful talk is offensive to the majority of decent people, everywhere, and embarrassing when they are issued regularly by an American President.

    Regarding the letter’s tone; as a former, working journalist, I must say; it is very hurtful to see broad, incorrect, negative characterizations of people in the business of telling the Truth.

    As far as the letter’s claim that Mr. Trump was elected by “hardworking people who love God..,” I hope to live a thousand years, for surely, after all that time I will understand that statement. I was raised in the Christian church and anyone who proffers the notion that this guy is religious or godly, is, in my opinion, about as far away from the truth and the message of religious leaders as one can get. Perhaps the author of the letter would be better served if she and her like-minded friends could start a letter writing campaign to the President, asking him to begin acting more civil, more thoughtful and more adult.

    If I may recommend something to help folks understand why there is widespread disgust, embarrassment and bewilderment across America these days; it is David Brooks’ wonderful, best-selling book, THE ROAD TO CHARACTER. David certainly, in my view, has character and so does John McCain. The people I’ve met and read at The Messenger have it too. (I saw a copy of Brooks’ book last week in the Decatur library.)

    Ken Bateman/ Rhome

  7. Ken Bateman,

    Thanks for the sermon, snowflake.
    But get over yourself, man.

    I suppose your sensibilities weren’t upset during the 8 years of Obama’s America-hating “presidency.” Or Slick Willie’s disgusting tenure. Or Hillary’s red-handed lawlessless.
    (Good grief.)

    David Brooks???
    The guy who was impressed by the crease in Obama’s slacks?

  8. One more thing, Mr. Bateman:

    Most of today’s journalists are NOT in the business of telling “the Truth.”

  9. And I love, love, love it when libs moan for more “civility.”

    Does that include Madonna’s f-bomb-laced public speech in DC?

    Does that include the cute women’s march kitty hats?

    Does that include the Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to assassinate 12 Republicans at a baseball practice?

    Does that include Black [Lies] Matter?

    Does that include Stephen Colbert?

    Does that include 93% negative Trump coverage on CNN?

    Does that include leftists thugs who torch campuses to keep conservatives from speaking?


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