Climate change visible now

By Ken Hughes | Published Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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It has been commonplace for some time for politicians, virtually all of them being of the Republican neocon persuasion, when asked about climate change to reply, “Well, I’m no scientist, but don’t think global warming is real.” Or if they must acknowledge the past several years being consecutively the warmest on record they pass it off to a conspiracy created by the Chinese.

One would think a person in a position of some authority, say a senator or representative, would have sense enough to ask a real scientist. The sad irony is understanding it doesn’t require a “scientist.” All it takes is middle school science, and as an adult, I would be loath to admit I didn’t understand seventh and eighth grade science.

I was an elementary school science nut and did all sorts of “experiments” that terrified my mom. Then I discovered high school physics and have been a physics nut and student ever since. I’m 73 now, so it has been a while.

We learned in middle school science that warmer water evaporates faster, and that when the atmosphere is warmer, it can and will absorb more moisture. On average, water makes up only 0.001 percent of the atmosphere. Even at that low concentration, in total there is an astonishing amount – almost 3,100 cubic miles – of water held in Earth’s atmosphere.

Thus far, global warming has mostly been absorbed by the oceans that cover 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. The “scientific facts”: warmer water, faster evaporation; warmer air holds more moisture, ergo, more is available as rain.

Need we talk about Hurricane Harvey with its incredible amounts of rain, or Irma’s size? Heat is hurricane fuel, and the much warmer Gulf and Caribbean Sea fueled both storms. It’s the new normal, so get used to it as another one is already on the way.

Then there’s our new narcistic Child-in-Chief doing everything he can to defeat international efforts to combat climate change. Trump is making America a laughingstock and the only nation not to be in with the world’s other 194-nations cooperating in fighting global warming. Stupid!

Ken Hughes
Wise County

3 Responses to “Climate change visible now”

  1. says:

    If global warming is real, why is there no evidence of it. Pseudoscience is what it is called. This is science where you take a conclusion you have made and try to create reasons to make it true. It would be the same thing if you were a policeman and believed a person was guilty of a crime but you couldn’t prove it so you planted a gun on them to get them prosecuted. That is why it is called “junk science”. We are riding a ball of melted rock that is 6000 degrees Celsius at it’s core, going around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour and you are worried about CO2 build up! 65 million years ago the CO2 levels were 10 times what they are now and life flourished as never before. If we buy into this fable of man made warming, it will just make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Please folks, research this subject and quit listening to those that have so much to gain by it. They just want to extract a carbon tax from all of us.

  2. Ken Bateman says:

    The “data” proffered above had been debunked for years by actual Scientists.

    I hope to live a thousand years and perhaps gain enough wisdom to understand why some people will claim to know more about a Scientific Fact than all the worlds insurance companies, all the World’s major universities, the leaders of over 120 nations, The United States Pentagon, NASA, NOAA, Accuweather, the mayors of most coastal cities and then, in the denier’s “argument,” offer no attribution whatsoever. In case anyone is interested; over 500,000 people who have gone to college for 6 or more years, think Mr. ????s comments are absurd. FYI- several of the Denier’s numbers here are the same as a faux-science website called CLIMATE DEPOT, the creation of a person named Marc Morano, former employee of Rush Limbaugh and the aide of James Inhoff, the nation’s leading benefactor of campaign contributions from oil and gas companies.

  3. Billmire says:

    Your whole premise is false. Harvey, at best, was a lame cat 4 hurricane:pressure readings weak compared to other cat 4’s; storm surge only 7-10 feet; high winds of 130 mph; only 250 miles in diameter. So, it wasn’t the “monster storm” that you and others have labeled it as being. What I learned from the Weather Channel while monitoring it’s progress was that the rain rates were no different than any other hurricane. What caused the major problem was that Harvey was sandwiched between a high pressure in west Texas and a high pressure over Florida and the jet stream was up by the Canadian border. Harvey had no where to go, so it just sat there and rained. If the circumstances would have been different Harvey would have continued north easterly and Houston and surrounding areas would have received a normal 10-20 inches of rain. Instead, they received 50 inches of rain. Not because it was a more powerful hurricane or a more rainy hurricane. So, your trying to use a normal hurricane to push you man made global warming propaganda is ridiculous. Hurricanes have always happened. Some years we have none….some years we have a lot. Some are weak…..some are strong and dangerous. They have not increased in frequency nor have they increased in strength over time. Surface temps have been flat since the early 2000’s; satellite records verify this as well; temperature deviations since the late 1800’s don’t correlate with increasing greenhouse gases, for example how to explain warming from 1910 to 1940 but then cooling from late 1940’s to late 1970’s? All we hear is “trust the scientists”. How many climate-gates have been discovered admitting manipulating data? Ya, let’s trust these guys whose life’s work is based on providing data that proves global warming is occurring or grants and funds will dry up.


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