Who ya gonna call? Ghost-hunting equals great fun in 2017

By Kristen Tribe | Published Saturday, December 30, 2017
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As the saying goes, a good reporter knows a little about a lot of things.

As 2017 draws to a close, I can confidently add ghost-hunting to that list.

For a few years, I have wanted to recruit paranormal investigators to tour haunted locations with me in Wise County and report on their findings. I thought it would be a fun Halloween feature – an opportunity to put rumors to rest or find proof local tales are true.

GHOST CHASERS – From top, Greg Arrington, Racey Burden, Jennifer DeMoss, Suzette Munson and Kristen Tribe check out the Wise County courthouse after dark. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

For one reason or another, it never worked out, but this year the stars aligned, sending myself and reporter Racey Burden on a hair-raising adventure. We were fortunate to team up with Suzette Munson of Alvord and Jennifer DeMoss of Bowie, a mother/daughter ghost-hunting duo, who have been investigating the paranormal for years.

I had reached out to investigators in the Metroplex a few different times with no luck through the years, and when it looked like our ghost-hunting trip would be put on hold another year, I tossed our request for investigative help on the Messenger Facebook page. I was overwhelmed with responses.

Most people wanted to tag along but had no previous ghostbusting experience. After reading through every comment and sending private messages to a few people, it was obvious Suzette and Jennifer were experienced, knowledgeable and exactly who we needed for this project.

By this time we were hours away from our scheduled outing, so I was grateful they were willing to go on such short notice. Having only exchanged a few messages and talked no more than a few minutes on the phone, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I immediately felt comfortable with them as they explained right away they’ve actually debunked more ghost stories than proven entities exist in a location.

They told us all about their equipment – how it worked and what it would and wouldn’t detect. They were excited to learn more about the history of local buildings, curious about the paranormal possibilities and practical in their expectations.

I was confident they weren’t here to make up stories or trick us. They simply wanted to share their expertise and check out historical locations – a perfect fit.

We visited three locations, as detailed in the Oct. 28 edition of the Messenger – the Wise County Courthouse; the old stone prison, just behind the Messenger office; and the Mount House, just outside Chico. We also had with us photographers Joe Duty and Greg Arrington, and for a few hours, we traipsed up and down stairs, made recordings, told stories … watched and waited.

Most of the noises and feelings could be explained away, and Jennifer and Suzette were quick to do so if they knew where a sound or reading originated. But there were a few blips and chills that were left unexplained and some areas we didn’t get to fully explore – just enough to make you wonder and want to go again.

I’ve always enjoyed a good mystery, and this adventure didn’t disappoint. I greatly enjoyed meeting Suzette and Jennifer, and we had a lot of fun. In fact, Racey and I hope to team up with them again in 2018; there are plenty of places to explore, and I never turn down an opportunity to channel my inner Nancy Drew.

Kristen Tribe is assistant publisher of the Wise County Messenger.

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