Taste test: Fried chicken and pickles most unique

By Racey Burden | Published Saturday, September 2, 2017

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Full Plates

FULL PLATES – Reporters Racey Burden and David Talley tried food from a variety of vendors at Taste of Wise Thursday. Messenger photo by Lisa Davis

David and I didn’t have a lot of goals in mind when we entered the Decatur Conference Center for Taste of Wise. We had a vague idea that we might try to find the best dish and the most unique one, and we wanted to eat enough to satisfy our dinner cravings.

I completed the last goal for sure.

As for the best dish, I don’t really know. We tried everything that was there – chili from the conference center, a little bit of Cajun, lots of Mexican food – but I’m not sure I thought any one food was the greatest. It was all pretty good, some of it surprisingly so – I don’t normally like chimichangas, for example, but Jorge’s were excellent. But I just can’t pick a single favorite food.

As for most unique, I think that goes to Brookshire’s, of all places. They made fried chicken and pickles on a stick. I mean, I’ve had Cajun, I’ve had Mexican, I’ve definitely had margaritas. Fried pickles and chicken put together was new to me.

Brookshire’s also brought the widest variety, though unfortunately, by the time I got to their table I was too full to try most of it. It didn’t even seem like there were that many vendors this year – though I’m told more came later in the evening – but there was still enough to satisfy my appetite. I do wish I hadn’t missed the X Chan Asian Bistro booth. I like their food, though I don’t eat there often.

Other than the food, there was also some good people watching – the people who were feeling those free margaritas; Sen. Craig Estes, who we assume was there because potential challenger Pat Fallon is making the rounds in Wise County; and the kids who thought Christmas came early because there were free, unlimited desserts.

If I had one big criticism of the event, it’s that I wish there were less fried food options. Yeah, I know it’s Texas, and we’ll fry anything. But I don’t think any of the vendors (except Brookshire’s) brought fruits or vegetables. That might be why I felt so full so quickly – too many fatty choices.

David joked before we went that we should bring store-bought peanut butter and apples and set up our own booth. If only we would have thought of that sooner. It had the potential to be very popular.

Racey Burden is a Messenger reporter.

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