Taste test: Chimichangas – love at first bite

By David Talley | Published Saturday, September 2, 2017

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Full Plates

FULL PLATES – Reporters Racey Burden and David Talley tried food from a variety of vendors at Taste of Wise Thursday. Messenger photo by Lisa Davis

As a Messenger reporter and longtime Decaturite, I’m pretty familiar with Taste of Wise, but I’d never actually attended the event until Thursday.

It’s at the Decatur Conference Center, which I still accidentally call the Decatur Civic Center, hence the “longtime Decaturite” designation.

For our September joint column, Racey and I decided to attend the event and see what the food is all about. Tickets were $10, and once inside you can eat as much of everything as you want from food and drink vendors from around the county.

I’d initially wanted to set up our own booth serving apples and peanut butter (see my last column), but Racey shot that idea down. After seeing the turnout Thursday, I think she was right. That would have been a lot of apples and several gallons of peanut butter.

We visited every table that was set up by 5:45 p.m. Thursday, and I got a full dinner out of eating with just a sample spoon. Not bad.

My favorite foods were probably the chimichangas from Jorge’s in Paradise and the enchiladas from Dos Chiles. I’d never had chimichangas before, and they’re pretty good. I definitely could have gone back for seconds at those two tables.

We also tried margaritas from Bono’s, which I enjoyed. I briefly entertained the idea of returning to the margarita line wearing a series of disguises, but then remembered I was on the clock and driving a company car, so I picked a different food. As we got ready to leave I saw several other alcohol vendors setting up, and I was a little sad to miss their samples. You should always take advantage of free drinks.

Brookshire’s really brought out a spread for the event. We visited after Christie Rhine told us to, “Try the pickle chicken.” It’s a piece of chicken and pickle slices fried together on a toothpick. She wondered out loud, “what do you think happened that caused them to discover this recipe?” Well, I don’t know either, but it was pretty good. I mean, I already know what I’m going to buy when I go to Brookshire’s, and it isn’t necessarily that, but it was pretty good. I was also impressed with their meatballs and other snacks.

People watching was another fun part of the event, with the kids that shared our table doing some pretty entertaining kid stuff. Texas Sen. Craig Estes also made an appearance, and it was interesting to watch him rub shoulders with his constituents in the serving lines.

I came away from Taste of Wise with a new appreciation for several Wise County restaurants. Taste Bridgeport is coming up Sept. 30, and I may have to show up for another round of all-you-can-eat dinner.

David Talley is a Messenger reporter.

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