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By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, October 28, 2017

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I try to approach everything with an open mind. I know there’s plenty out there that can’t be explained with logic or theory.

Do I believe in aliens? Well, as big as the universe is, I don’t know how we can rule it out. And when it comes to the supernatural, I am even more open to the possibility – mainly because of incidents that I can’t come up with any other logical explanation.

Richard Greene

Richard Greene

As a child, we lived in a house in Pilot Point that we inherited from my grandparents. It was the house where my father also spent much of his childhood.

During his childhood, his Uncle Orus lived with them, staying in the attic. Dad told us stories about his uncle smoking cigars up in the attic.

Many decades later, after that uncle had died, we would be in the living room watching TV or in the dining room having dinner when all of a sudden the distinct smell of a cigar would seem to originate from the attic. All five members of our family were accounted for, and no one was smoking a cigar.

The explanation with two straight faces from my parents was that Uncle Orus was in the attic, making us aware of his presence.

Years later I returned to Pilot Point to work just a few streets over from that house of my youth at The Pilot Point Post-Signal. Early on I was warned to not be surprised by a few strange things happening, especially late at night.

It didn’t take long for me to understand.

Sitting at my desk at night I would often hear knocking up front on the counter. I knew I was the only person in the building, though. I would go up there and of course, find no one.

Also at night, I would sometimes feel like the temperature around my desk would suddenly drop. I felt like there was a presence with me. Then as suddenly as it happened, it would go away.

At one point, a freelance writer did a story about some local ghost hunters. They stopped by the office and gave some credence to what I claimed to experience.

Over time, I just accepted that I had a friendly ghost helping me make deadline.

Can I prove there are ghosts or spirits? No. But I have never found any evidence to the contrary either.

You may have also witnessed the unexplained. I’d love to hear your experience. People can think we’re crazy together.

Richard Greene is the assistant editor of the Messenger and is far from normal.

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