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By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, November 18, 2017

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Growing up, my family owned and operated a small printing business.

Part of running a family-owned business were long hours and few days off between all the demands from payroll, accounts receivable to managing employees. Just finding time to sleep was difficult enough.

Which is why over the past few years of attending Boyd ISD School Board meetings, I became amazed by the tireless Ernest Partin.

Richard Greene

Richard Greene

I can’t confess to know Partin’s everyday schedule. But I do know he owned and operated Partin Drywall – a successful business doing commercial and residential drywall and projects in the area. With North Texas being a hotbed for construction, there’s no shortage of work in the region.

On top of running the business that he said last week was doing better than ever, he served as school board president as his way of giving back to the community. For more than 13 years, he spent at least a few hours per month with superintendents and other trustees huddled around a table trying to figure out the best way to provide an education for the community’s students.

It’s a task that over the past decade has become more and more difficult with changing testing requirements, school finance laws and, in the case of Boyd, dwindling money. The district has seen a dramatic loss in revenue values due to the sharp decline in mineral values.

But Partin hasn’t stopped with giving his time just at meetings. He also gave his time to complete the master trustee training with the Texas Association of School Boards.

“It’s never been something I took lightly. I always wanted to do right for the community and always wanted better for the kids,” Partin recently said.

He backed that by also donating labor and materials in a remodel at Boyd Intermediate School, according to Boyd ISD Superintendent Ted West.

Aside from serving on the school board, Partin has taken great pride in helping with other charities. He stopped me several times at meetings to tell me about the group A Wish With Wings that he was working with to help children. It wasn’t to promote himself, but he wanted to get the message out about the group and what they were doing.

Partin resigned this week from the Boyd School Board to concentrate on his cancer treatment. Leaning heavily on his strong faith, he’s vowed to win his battle.

A fellow trustee said Monday upon accepting Partin’s resignation that he is looking forward to him getting healthy and rejoining the board – something I believe he would happily do.

Partin is perfect example to us all that even when life gets busy and we think we can’t give any of ourselves, there’s always something we can do to reach a worthy goal – making our community a better place.

Richard Greene is assistant editor of the Messenger.

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