Two amendments fail in Wise

By Racey Burden | Published Saturday, November 11, 2017

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Wise County voters approved all but two of seven proposed constitutional amendments Tuesday, but all seven passed statewide by wide margins.


Proposition 1 authorizes tax exemptions on homes donated for less than market value to disabled veterans or their surviving spouses. Wise County approved the proposition 1,301-306. As of Thursday, 86 percent of voters statewide had also approved Proposition 1.


This proposition makes borrowing against home equity easier. Wise County voters approved it 1,025-562. Statewide, the proposition is with 67 percent approval.


Proposition 3 limits the term of unsalaried officers appoint by the governor so that if their term expires when the legislature is not in session, they may only continue to serve until last day of the next regular session, not until a replacement is appointed. This proposition was approved in Wise County 1,259-340 and approved by 83 percent of voters statewide.


This proposition authorizes the legislature to require a court to provide notice to the attorney general when the constitutionality of state statute is challenged. It also authorizes the legislature to place a waiting period on the court before they can declare the statute unconstitutional. Wise County voted 1,018-548 in favor of the proposition, and 64 percent of voters across the state also approved it.


Wise County voters narrowly voted against this proposition, which expands the number of professional sports teams eligible to hold charitable raffles at home games. While Wise voters shot it down 792-776, it was approved statewide by 60 percent.


This proposition gives property tax exemptions to the unmarried, surviving spouse of first responders killed in the line of duty. Wise County voted in favor of Proposition 6, 1,272-323, and it was approved by 85 percent of voters statewide.


Proposition 7 allows financial institutions to conduct promotional raffles. Wise County was against it, voting the proposition down narrowly, 797-783. The majority of voters in the state, 60 percent, approved.

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