Students get sweet response to ice cream suggestions

By Brian Knox | Published Wednesday, November 8, 2017
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I Screa You Scream

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM… – Fourth graders may not have screamed for ice cream, but they certainly did cheer when the president of Blue Bell ice cream responded to their new flavor suggestions with a letter and free ice cream for everyone. The science project is designed to teach kids about mixtures and solutions. Submitted photo

Fourth grade students at Carson Elementary School in Decatur recently completed a lesson that was pretty cool.

That’s because it included a personal letter from the president of Blue Bell ice cream along with free tasty treats.

Teacher Lauri Henderson explained how the students were given the task of coming up with new flavors of ice cream as a science project.

“We study mixtures and solutions in science, so they have to create a new mixture,” Henderson said.

Students had to come up with a list of ingredients for their unique flavors and then draw a picture and label the different parts of their yummy creations.

This is the fourth year fourth grade students at the school have participated in the project, but this is the first year Henderson sent the new flavor creations on to Blue Bell.

She found an email contact at the company and gave it a shot. She was a bit surprised by the response she received.

“I emailed Blue Bell and asked them if they’d just kind of humor us and let me mail them all our kids’ pictures, and they said, ‘yes,’ so they ended up writing us back letters. But they also looked at all the [submissions], and they said they were going to take all their suggestions and pass them along to their research and development team,” she said.

The letters signed by Blue Bell President Ricky Dickson were addressed to the classrooms of each fourth grade teacher, including Laura Wadlington, Alexis Balboni and Kelley Galovich. The letter even singled out some of the more unique-sounding names of the flavors submitted by the students – wormy adventure, firecracker, coco kitty coconut, taffy chew, fruit bunch, gum, smokin’ hot pink, rainbow, bacon, earth cream, party time and blueberry fudge comet, just to name a few.

“When we said their names specifically, their little faces just lit up,” Henderson said of the students’ reaction upon hearing their flavors mentioned in the letter.

The students were also quite excited to hear their flavor ideas were sent along to the company’s research and development division. But perhaps they were most excited to hear about what accompanied the letter: coupons for free ice cream for all the students.

Pretty cool indeed.

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