Robinson turns 107

By Racey Burden | Published Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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Multiple Generations

MULTIPLE GENERATIONS – Nina Robinson (center) with her great-great-granddaughters Bindi and Sophie Davis and Paislee and Jayd Pruett at Robinson’s 107th birthday party. Messenger photo by Racey Burden

At her 107th birthday party Saturday, lifelong Wise County resident Nina Robinson shared her secret to a long life.

“Satisfaction,” she said. “Try to be satisfied with everything.”

Robinson was born in Greenwood on Nov. 11, 1910, and she’s lived there her entire life. On Saturday her family – children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren – and friends threw a party at the Greenwood General Store to celebrate her 107th year.

Robinson’s memory is still sharp – she remembers several huge historical moments, including the ending of World War I. Armistice Day fell on her eighth birthday.

“I wondered how the news got around so fast,” she said. “It must have been telegrams.

“I remember World War I, I remember World War II, I remember World War III – ” Then Robinson paused to think. “Wait, has that happened yet?”

Robinson says technological advancements stand out to her as the biggest signs of a changing world – she remembers well the rising popularity of radio and TV. Electricity coming to homes in Greenwood was a big event in her life – Robinson said they didn’t have it at home until 1948.

“We went into town and bought a big old icebox,” she said. “Then we got an electric iron, and we got a radio and a washer.”

Of course, in her more personal memories she’s happiest when recalling time spent with family.

Robinson married in 1934, just a few short years before the Great Depression, and she and her husband raised three children in the home they lived in from 1938 to 1997, when her husband passed away and she moved closer to town.

“Her whole life was devoted to family,” daughter Connie Pruett said. “She knows all about her friends and grandkids and keeps up with all of them.”

One of the sadder results of living for such a long time, though, is that Robinson has lived past most of her friends.

“There’s just so many people gone,” she said. “I don’t hardly know anyone anymore, just my children and grandchildren.”

They’re the ones she plans to spend the rest of her life with.

“I just want to enjoy my family and my friends,” Robinson said when asked what she planned to do until her 108th birthday. “I guess that’s a pretty good answer.”

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