Rhome City Council members give farewells

By Racey Burden | Published Saturday, May 13, 2017
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Two council members said goodbye, and two more took their place in Rhome Thursday night.

Ronnie Moore and Tim Robison ended their terms by briefly speaking to the crowd at the council meeting.

“I would like to thank the citizens for giving me four good years on the council,” Moore said. “… Thank y’all for letting me serve y’all.”

“I was going to say bad things, but I can’t do that. The new ones that are coming up here, I just hope and pray that they do the right thing and think about things before they do them,” he said.

Then Robison spoke.

“This has been very fulfilling for me to sit up here on this council,” he said. “I appreciate the staff and the volunteers who keep this city together.”

Both men were presented with plaques recognizing their service before the incoming council members took the oath of office. Charles Pennington was sworn in to Place 1, Amanda Johnson, who was appointed to council last year, was sworn in to Place 2, and Colton Lorance was sworn in to Place 3.


The last item on the agenda was a discussion centered on a proposed multi-family development of 64 townhouses on Morris Street. Several residents who live in the area spoke, asking the council to block the development if possible. They expressed concern about the ability of the city’s electrical, water and road systems to handle that many new people and about the possibility of the development lowering the property values in Old Town Rhome. Some were upset that they only found out about the development earlier this week.

Ashley Majors asked the council, “What are you going to do to protect the aesthetics of your town?”

The developer couldn’t make the meeting but sent the project’s engineer, Brian Salter, to answer questions. Salter tried to assure the citizens that all buildings would be built to code and all concerns about logistics addressed. He asked the council for approval of the preliminary plat and site plan.

On the advice of the city attorney, council members voted to table approval of the plat until the next meeting.

The council also:

  • approved a settlement with Atmos Mid-Tex relating to the city’s natural gas rates.
  • authorized Police Chief Sam Love to send out a bid packet for towing services.
  • approved an annexation ordinance for the 312 acres of the Prairie Point Development.
  • accepted a land exchange agreement from Rhome Point Partners, LP.
  • accepted a proposal from PID Works to represent the city in the creation of a public improvement district.
  • approved a reimbursement agreement with Rhome Point Partners, LP.
  • approved a one-time donation of $300 from the parks and recreation budget, given to the Rhome Veterans Group to go toward the purchase of a new eternal flame for the Veterans Park.
  • selected Johnson as mayor pro tem and authorized the change of signature on the city’s bank accounts.
  • selected Sam Eason to review and approve monthly bank reconciliations.
  • discussed the calender for creating the 2017-2018 budget.
  • approved the appointment of a reserve police officer.
  • appointed Tommie Eason and Candance Fitch to the Parks and Recreation board.
  • discussed gathering donations for a multipurpose community facility.

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