New Bull: Peavey settles into superintendent post

By Racey Burden | Published Saturday, July 15, 2017

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Before he arrived at the Bridgeport ISD administration office as superintendent three weeks ago, Brandon Peavey knew a little bit about the Bulls.

Brandon Peavey

He previously worked in North Texas at Keller ISD, and he also attended a track meet in town years ago.

“It was one of the warmest days I’ve ever experienced, and by the end, it was one of the coldest,” Peavey said.

But Peavey didn’t come to Bridgeport for the ever-changing weather. He and his family had hoped to move back to North Texas from the Beaumont area, where Peavey worked as superintendent at Hardin ISD, to be closer to his parents and brother. After receiving feedback from friends who knew the district and former superintendent Dr. Eddie Bland, Peavey decided to apply for the Bridgeport job.

“The staff here, looking at what they’ve done in the past, they’ve done a very good job,” he said. “I hope to build upon some of the things they’ve done here.”

In addition to Hardin ISD, Peavey also served as superintendent at Maude ISD, and he’s spent 22 years total in education, coaching and teaching everything from physical education to history courses before he moved to administrative work.

The kids were his favorite part of all these jobs. He still keeps in touch with some of the students he taught at the beginning of his career, who now send him wedding and baby pictures. In his office there are letters from former students on display alongside mementos from school districts where he’s worked and teams he coached.

Even at the highest level of administration, Peavey plans to do classroom walk-throughs and attend school events to get to know the students. He said his best day as a superintendent so far has been a day he helped teach a kindergarten class the alphabet.

“I really enjoy seeing kids do good things, growing up to be successful,” Peavey said. “All school administration jobs become somewhat of a grind, somewhat tedious. You’ve got to spend time with the kids to remind yourself why you do what you do.”

Peavey is just getting started at Bridgeport, but he’s identifying areas where the district can improve and where it’s already successful. As his youngest child will be attending Bridgeport High School in the fall, Peavey not only has a vested interest in the district as an administrator, but also as a parent.

“I will work to make decisions on what’s best for the kids,” he said. “We’ve got to provide skills so they’ll go out into the world and be prepared.”

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