Boyd City Council clears the air with youth association

By David Talley | Published Saturday, May 20, 2017
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Boyd City Council members Tuesday heard from concerned members of Boyd Youth Association who were worried the city would take away their right to use local sports fields.

The parties have a contract specifying that BYA is responsible for cleanup and some maintenance at the fields, while the city handles large projects. Mayor Rodney Holmes told the group of more than 40 gathered he had directed city administration to send letters to members of the organization in response to multiple contract violations, but the city isn’t planning to take away use of the fields.

“[Issues with litter] were always taken care of with a phone call before,” Holmes said. “How many phone calls do we need to make that there’s trash all over the parks? Our citizens go up there and the trash can holders are empty. We provide a dumpster.”

Holmes said the city put new trash cans out, but “we go up there and half of those are missing.”

Aside from litter, Holmes said there were several other issues at the fields, including scheduling, problems with the bathrooms and parking, and delinquent payment of the electric bill for field lights.

What’s not at stake, he said, is the future of BYA’s right to use the fields. Rumors about the city’s intentions had circulated before the meeting.

“We directed staff to send these letters because we couldn’t get anybody to respond,” Holmes said. “It’s all a miscommunication. I hope we can get it resolved and taken care of. I’m sorry if it got blown out of proportion because that’s all these letters were, is just us trying to come together. We have an agreement; we’re just trying to get both sides to keep up with it.”

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Culpepper agreed.

“We’ve heard all the rumors that we’re trying to shut y’all down,” he said. “We’re not after that.”

Three BYA representatives spoke during the meeting. The council opted to take no action on the group’s contract but verbally agreed to a request from the organization to bulldoze a restroom facility at the field.

According to Holmes, the city initially planned to bulldoze the facility because it did not meet code, but BYA asked the city at that time to leave it in place. Since then the facility has continued to degrade, and now both parties want it gone.

In other business, the council heard a report from City Administrator Greg Arrington on the city’s water conservation plans. City officials have spent multiple meetings discussing the problem, which stems from infrastructure issues and the cost of purchasing water from Walnut Creek Special Utility District. In the past, the city has discussed a water conservation education campaign, to help stop residents from using too much water. Arrington said the situation may become dire if the city doesn’t take action soon.

“The consequence is not that they’re going to get a ticket [from over-watering],” he said. “The consequence is that we’re going to turn the tap on, and there’s not going to be any water.”

Holmes said earlier in the meeting the city plans to spend $7.6 million on water and sewer improvements over the next three or four years.

The council also:

  • heard a favorable report from the city’s wastewater treatment plant operator.
  • heard a report from City Secretary Alicia Smith on the upcoming Boyd Fun Fest on June 10. The event has secured multiple sponsors.
  • heard a mid-year budget review from Arrington, who delivered a positive report. “I feel more comfortable with this year’s budget than I have in years past,” he said.

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